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Below is a complete X-Men: Evolution episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual X-Men: Evolution episodes are listed along with the X-Men: Evolution episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. X-Men: Evolution episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “Growing Pains,” “X23” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the X-Men: Evolution episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Shadow Dance Feb 02 2002 - Forge is working on a device that will let Kurt teleport around the world when they realise when Kurt teleports, he passes through a beast infested demension. After a close shave, Kurt vows not ...more

The Stuff of Villains Oct 05 2002 - Wanda goes searching for pietro,she finds him at a diner and procedes to get him arrested in the assumption that Magneto will come bail him out. Meanwhile the brotherhood's members are expelled ...more

Mindbender Jan 26 2002 - Jean has nightmares about huge circus clowns, then is controlled by the master of that circus, with Nightcrawler, Kitty, and Spyke controlled also.

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Operation: Rebirth

Nov 04 2000 - Mystique sees an opportunity to get a spy in Xavier's institute when the morally shady Todd Tolanski starts exhibiting mutant powers. Kurt Wagner, Xavier's latest recruit, arrives and tries to ...more

The X-Impulse Nov 11 2000 - 15-year-old Kitty Pryde wakes up one day and finds herself able to walk though objects. She tries to ignore it, but finds that hard when she's approached by Jean Grey and a mutant trouble maker, ...more

Growing Pains Sep 29 2001 - When Scott and Kurt use their powers to save several people from a car crash, the question of how much they're willing to ignore to keep their powers secret comes up. Professor X maintains that ...more

Rogue Recruit Nov 18 2000 - After being kept in the dark about her powers for years, a young female mutant touches a fellow student and absorbs his strength, his memories - his life. Afraid and confused, and unable to ...more

Mutant Crush Nov 25 2000 - The only thing bigger than Fred Dukes' strength and size, is his temper, which makes his first day at school rather difficult. When Jean Grey makes contact, trying to be friendly, he takes it ...more

Speed and Spyke Dec 09 2000 - Ororo's nephew starts exhibiting mutant powers, but he's more interested in settling a rivalry with a fellow mutant than hearing about a ""school for freaks"".

Jan 27 2001 - Kurt accidently finds an abandoned lab, and is sucked into a pocket dimension by a strange device he finds there.

Turn of the Rogue Feb 03 2001 - Scott and Rogue end up on a geology club field trip together. Scott tries to be friendly to her, but it turns out Mystique has other plans...

SpykeCam Feb 10 2001 - As an extra credit project, Evan is given a camera to record the ""current events"" in his life. Though most of them aren't keen on being caught on tape, Sabertooth is most ...more

Survival of the Fittest Mar 03 2001 - While the X-Men are at a summer camp, learning survival training, Mystique releases Cain Marko - the unstoppable Juggernaut - in hopes of getting his help in obtaining Xavier's mutant location

Mar 31 2001 - Rogue's nightmares seem to show images from Kurt's past, but in them he's far too young to remember. So where did they come from?

Grim Reminder Apr 14 2001 - A news report from the Canadian mountains triggers something deep inside Wolverine, and he starts having berserk fits. To find out why, he takes the Blackbird to the site, not knowing that Kitty ...more

The Cauldron (1) May 05 2001 - As mysterious metal pods appear, picking up the mutants one at a time, Cerebro detects a new mutant in Hawaii: Alex Summers - Scott's believed to be deceased brother.

The Cauldron (2) May 12 2001 - Magneto reveals the his plans for the winners of his challenge - to fully unlock their powers with a machine he has built. Back at the mansion, those left behind regroup, and decide to pay ...more

Bada-Bing Bada-Boom Oct 06 2001 - After being grounded for reckless behavior during a training mission, Tabitha doesn't need her father showing asking her to steal money for ""her mother""...

Power Surge Oct 13 2001 - Jean's abilities start growing in sudden bursts. At first she tries to ignore it, but with each burst she has increasing trouble regaining control. Meanwhile the school gets a new science/phys. ...more

Fun and Games Oct 20 2001 - A malfunction in Juggernaut's stasis field leaves the X-Men without adult supervision. Decidnig to held ap party, they ditch Scott and Jean in the wilderness. However, things soon get out of ...more

Beast of Bayville Oct 27 2001 - The kids get worried when the normally cool and collected teacher Hank McCoy starts having fits of animal rage.

Nov 03 2001 - Scott becomes lost at sea when trying to find his brother, who was swept out by freak wave while surfing.

African Storm Nov 17 2001 - An African witch-doctor comes to the institute to steal Storm's powers while she is faced with the decision to send Evan back to his parents.

Joyride Dec 01 2001 - Lance comes to the mansion, wanting to join the X-Men. Unfortunately he has a hard time fitting in, and it doesn't get any easier when he gets the blame for some of the other students' nightly ...more

Retreat Feb 16 2002 - While Beast is taking Kitty, Bobby, Evan, and two other new recruits on a camping trip, a few hunters decide that Beast is really a Big Foot, and they plan to trap him.

Walk on the Wild Side Mar 02 2002 - When Jean and Amara feel like the boys think they are stronger than the girls are, Tabitha decides that they should form a girl's crime fighting club. After getting Kitty and Rogue to join, they ...more

The HeX Factor Apr 20 2002 - Mystique breaks the Scarlet Witch out of an assylum (crazy house) and brings her to Brotherhood House. Mystique kicks Tabitha out of the house. Quicksilver meets up with his sister....the ...more

Day Of Reckoning (1) May 11 2002 - Wolverine suddenly vanishes, as the Brotherhood members team up with the X-men to defeat Magneto. They take off to fight him, leaving behind the new recruits. As soon as the ships take off, the ...more

Day Of Reckoning (2) May 11 2002 - The Brotherhood/X-men arrive where Magneto is with his new allies, but Quicksilver suddenly reveals he is part of Magneto's team. The others begin to battle the allies, but without warning, ...more

Operation: Rebirth Mar 30 2002 - Magneto steals the remaints of the top secret "Rebirth" project, a project Wolverine helped shut down all the way back in World War II.

On Angel's Wings Xavier starts worrying about the existence of mutants becoming public knowledge when the media starts reporting multiple sightings of a man with angel wings. With most of the X-men on Christmas ...more

Day of Recovery Sep 14 2002 - X-Men and Brotherhood deal with the after math of the world finding out about mutants. The Insitute was blown up, Mystique posed as Prof. X to blow up the Insitute.Some of the X-men and ...more

The Stuff of Heroes Sep 21 2002 - Rogue and Wolverine duck a squad of soldiers when the nationwide alert goes out against mutants, while Storm and Beast go into a meeting of Congress to defend themselves. Meanwhile Juggernaut ...more

Mainstream Sep 28 2002 - During the rebuilding of the manor, Kitty and Kurt intercept a bunch of graffiti artists disguised as monsters. The older students get to go back to Bayville High for one day before attending a ...more

Blind Alley Oct 19 2002 - Mystique escapes from imprisonment while the X-Men repair and rebuild the Institute. Disguised as Alex, Mystique lures Scott into a trap - leaving him stranded in the middle of the Mexican ...more

X-Treme Measures Nov 02 2002 - Evan enters an extreme Skateboarding competition, and puts his skills to the test. But something is wrong: A mysterious woman is watching and following him during the competition. It seems she's ...more

The Toad, The Witch and The Wardrobe Nov 09 2002 - Wanda receives a clue from one of Magneto's minions, Pyro, directing her to a sky resort. Meanwhile, Kurt is meeting Amanda's parents for the first time, and the Toad believes he can use Kurt's ...more