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Below is a complete Yes, Dear episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Yes, Dear episodes are listed along with the Yes, Dear episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Yes, Dear episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Greg and Jimmy's Criminals” and “Mama Said Knock You Out.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Yes, Dear episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

A Bunch of Ice Holes Nov 24 2003 - Jimmy injuring his back making out with Christine throws a wrench into Don's plans to take him on a father-son ice-fishing tournament.

A Complicated Plot (a.k.a. Complicated Plot) Dec 17 2001 - Greg's and Kim's parents all spend Christmas at the Warner house this year. Not all is merry when a discussion about how every child has their 'A' set of grandparents (the ones they love) and ...more

A List Before Dying May 03 2004 - After a near-death experience, Jimmy finds a list he made of everything he ever wanted to do in life but didn't -- and plans to do everything on it while he still can.

A Little Breathing Room Apr 25 2005 - Christine wants to make new friends after she overhears Kim telling Greg that she and Jimmy have been spending too much time over at the Warner house instead of their own. Meanwhile, Greg and ...more

Baby, Baby Not Nov 02 2005 - When Kim and Christine decide to have another baby, Greg and Jimmy take to pleading for abstinence.

Baby Fight Club Oct 15 2001 - The Warners have a problem when Sam develops some aggressive behavior with other playground children. A humiliated Kim points the finger at Greg, but Greg laughs it off and thinks Kim should ...more

Big Brother-in-Law Oct 20 2003 - When Jimmy gets accepted as a contestant on Big Brother, the thought of him and Christine having enough money to get their own place makes Greg takes drastic measures to see to it that Jimmy

Big Jimmy Babysits Feb 02 2004 - Jimmy is upset when Greg, Kim and Christine all tell him that they don't think Big Jimmy is responsible enough to watch the kids.

Broken by the Mold May 18 2005 - Unable to find employment after giving up his job at Radford, Greg is forced to swallow his pride and take a position outside of the movie world. But when he finds out his house is covered in ...more

Christine's Journey Oct 01 2001 - The Warners and the Hughes invite the neighbors, Rob and Wendy, and their kids over. Greg decides to join a gym after seeing Rob give rocket ship rides to Sam, because he's too exhausted to give ...more

Christine The Spy Jan 11 2006 - Now working for Mr. Savitsky at a different movie studio, Jimmy and Greg want Christine, who still works for their old studio, to give up secrets about it.

Couples Therapy May 10 2004 - When Kim invites hers and Christine's mutual friends (a marriage counselor and his wife) over for a dinner party, and tries to get rid of Christine, Christine schemes to trash the event -- and ...more

Dances with Couch Apr 08 2002 - Jimmy and Dominic join the West Los Angeles Tribe of Indian Scouts, and meet their tribemates: Chief Carl Blumkin and his son, Kevin; Great Star and his son, Bright Star; and Talking Rock and ...more

Dead Aunt, Dead Aunt... Feb 16 2004 - Greg wants to bail on a marriage encounter group Kim dragged him to, and a phone call regarding a dying aunt could be his ticket out.

Dominic's Buddy Oct 27 2003 - Jimmy's unorthodox punishment for Dominic, who was bullying a nerd at school, backfires on the elder Hughes.

Dominic's First Date Sep 28 2005 - When Dominic enters the world of dating, Christine and Jimmy offer conflicting advice to their son. Meanwhile, knowledge that Kim still keeps a box of mementos from past loves drives Greg

Good Squirrel Hunting Apr 14 2003 - Kim and Greg are horrified to find peanuts in the backyard, since Sam is allergic to them. Wondering who was careless enough to bring them into their yard, they soon find the culprit -- a ...more

Greg's a Mooch Sep 21 2005 - Realizing just how much fun being out of work can be, Greg lets Jimmy have a taste of what it's like to have someone sponge off of him for a change.

Greg's New Assistant Mar 16 2005 - Christine goes to work for Greg as his personal assistant, and finds the job entails being Kim's personal assistant, too.

Greg's New Friend Feb 25 2002 - Kim meets a new friend, Andrea, at Mommy and Me, and cavalierly decides that her husband, Alan, will be Greg's new friend. Greg is forced to go over to their place for dinner to meet Alan, but ...more

Greg's Promotion Apr 15 2002 - Greg announces that he may soon become Executive Director of Business Affairs, instead of what he is now... Executive Manager of Business Affairs. Since the new position is between him and his ...more

Greg and Jimmy's Criminals Feb 23 2004 - Mr. Savitsky assigns Greg to look after a convicted criminal as part of a work release program he unknowingly agreed to.

Greg Needs a Friend Jan 12 2004 - Kim, Jimmy and Christine all take it upon themselves to help Greg find a friend when he needs someone to go to a jazz festival with him.

Guarding Greg Oct 08 2001 - Jimmy invites all his security guard friends, including Billy whom he helped get on the payroll, to a poker game in the guesthouse. He neglects to invite Greg, because Greg doesn't know any of ...more

High School Reunion Mar 09 2005 - At the gang's high school reunion, Greg plays along after he gets mistaken for one of the cool kids, but Jimmy is jealous when Greg's stolen identity threatens to challenge his bid for ...more

Home Is Where the Heart Isn't Dec 16 2002 - When Jimmy lets Kim know that the studio has a two-week paternity leave policy -- that Greg's kept a secret -- she guilts Greg into taking them up on the offer. Though Mr. Savitsky thinks ...more

Hooked on Comics Sep 29 2003 - Greg and Natalie are humiliated to hear that hooked on comics worked for Tom -- and that he wants to go to Comicon as his hero, Superman.

House of the Rising Son Oct 14 2002 - Big Jimmy and Kitty pay another visit to LA. Greg and Kim learn that Grammy's house was located smack in the middle of two restaurants, because, despite all the offers, she refused to sell it in ...more

Hustlin' Hughes Feb 17 2003 - Jimmy seeks to put a stop to Big Jimmy's lies that he coached Johnny Bench and other baseball legends in the minor leagues, because Dominic believes him the same way he did when he was a child. ...more

I Wish That I Had Sammy's Girl Feb 16 2005 - Competitiveness gets the better of Greg and Kim and Jimmy and Christine after Sam's new girlfriend ""dumps"" him for Logan.

Jimmy's Got Balls Apr 29 2002 - While drawing up their will, Greg and Kim have a difference of opinion on who should get custody of Sam in the event of their deaths. Kim wants Jimmy and Christine to have him. Though Greg ...more

Jimmy and Chuck Nov 17 2003 - Chuck Norris is shooting a movie at the studio (where he plays a security guard), but looks are deceiving for Jimmy, who idolizes the guy.

Jimmy from the Block Oct 19 2005 - Envious of Jimmy and Christine's newfound neighborhood popularity, Kim throws a barbeque, where she discovers that she and Greg are not popular at all.

Jimmy Has Changed Feb 23 2005 - When Jimmy comes down with a case of the sweats and a decreased interest in sex, he goes to the doctor, who diagnoses him with andropause (male menopause) -- which leaves him feeling insecure ...more

Jimmy Saves the Day Nov 18 2002 - Jimmy saves the day when he spies a strange man breaking into Heidi Klum's trailer, catches him trying on (and eating) her underwear, and holds him down until the police arrive. When the story ...more

Jimmy Sponsors a Vacation Dec 14 2005 - Jimmy decides to treat Greg and Kim to a weekend vacation, but his "do anything to save a buck" attitude quickly puts a damper on the excitement.

Jimmy the Teacher Nov 09 2005 -

Johnny Ampleseed Mar 25 2002 - Greg's old high-school girlfriend, Stacey, is in town. Greg invites her and her husband, Bobby, over to visit so he can see her again. Looking at pictures of Sam, Dominic and Logan gets Stacey ...more

Kentucky Top Hat Nov 12 2001 - Greg goes through an old jacket and finds a wedding invitation Kim asked him to give to her friend, Julie Grimes, years ago. Make that ex-friend, since Kim cut Julie off for not showing up at ...more

Kim's New Nanny Oct 21 2002 - When Kim arranges a playdate with one of Sam's classmates, she's in for a big surprise when the girl's mother, Jessica, drops off her child - she drops off her sweet, elderly nanny, Sylvia, too. ...more

Kim and Gordon Apr 19 2004 - When Greg refuses to lend a helping hand in redecorating, Kim hires an interior decorator to design a fireplace for their living room, desperate to prove to Greg that she doesn't need his help.

Let's Get Jaggy with It Feb 03 2003 - Tom and Natalie call Greg to say they're coming for a visit, because Natalie won Tom a walk-on role on JAG in a charity auction. Greg wants his parents to stay in the guest house, so he nudges ...more

Living with Savitsky May 24 2004 - Jimmy's kind gesture of chauffeuring Mr. Savitsky, whose driver's license was revoked, is repaid in full when Mr. Savitsky invites him, Christine and the kids to come live in his guest house. ...more

Nov 11 2002 -

May 13 2002 - Kim catches Greg off guard when she tells him she wants to have another baby. To try to talk her out of it, he uses the excuse that they're going to paint the house, and pregnant women shouldn't ...more

March Madness Mar 31 2003 - Kim and Christine plan a celebration for their grandmother's 80th birthday, and most of the Ludke family will be in attendance. Greg might be getting a VIP ticket to the NCAA Final Four in New ...more

Marital Aid Nov 23 2005 - Kim and Christine are unusually attentive to Greg and Jimmy after spending an evening listening to a critical husband constantly belittle his wife. The girls don't want to spend any more time ...more

Mr. Big Shot Oct 28 2002 - When Greg and Kim plan a family trip to Lake Tahoe with the Hughes, Greg remembers a classy restaurant in the area called The Pinnacle Room that his well-to-do uncle always used to tell him ...more

Natural Born Delinquents Sep 22 2003 - Greg plays tough uncle when Jimmy and Christine aren't as strict with Dominic and Logan as he would like.

One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, Blue Fish Jan 07 2002 - At a school carnival, Kim persuades Greg to try to win a fish for Sam. Greg doesn't want a fish, so he tries to lose on purpose. But Jimmy comes along and wins it. Sam likes the fish so much ...more