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Below is a complete Z-Cars episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Z-Cars episodes are listed along with the Z-Cars episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Z-Cars episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “The More We Are Together Part 2” to “Hunch.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Z-Cars episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Five Whistles Dec 19 1962 - A quantity of drink and five suits are missing. Steele and Lynch spend a long night looking for the drink while the rest of the Newtown police are at the Christmas party.

On Watch - Newtown Sep 19 1962 - Both crews are forced to realise the narrow margin between life and death on a busy night in which Barlow and Twentyman miss one crime and catch two criminals.

The Thin Girl Oct 31 1962 - A neat operation in car stealing begins to go wrong when the thief tries mixing business with pleasure.

Business Trip Dec 12 1962 - A London gang move north. They plan a short and profitable visit to Newtown. Smith and Weir spend a busy night trying to cut down their profits and lengthen their stay.

Members Only Mar 06 1963 - The men want the new club to be peaceful and palatial. John Watt's concern is with the way it is being financed and furnished.

Quiet Confidence May 29 1963 - Fancy Smith's devotion to duty takes him, on his night off, to visit a young offender's father, with results that make him bitterly and furiously angry.

Come On The Lads Jun 19 1963 - In soccer mad Newtown tickets for the big match are at a premium. Everyone wants to go, villains and police alike. Con man Johnson has eight tickets to distribute to people who might be useful ...more

Truth Or Dare Oct 03 1962 - The violent death of a small shopkeeper brings Supt. Miller into Victor Division and into conflict with Barlow, who has his own solution to offer.

Enquiry Mar 27 1963 - Despite all the anger and resentment they arouse nothing must deflect Inspector Bamber from the most difficult enquiries of his career - into suspicions that Victor Division contains a policeman ...more

Alarm Call May 15 1963 - The alarm rings and the police dash to the scene. This is the reflex action a clever crook can calculate on - except when PC Jock Weir decides to take charge.

A Try By Weir May 22 1963 - It's the night after a big rugby football match. Lynch and Graham get a surprise when they are sent to investigate a spot of trouble at a pub on the Newtown to Seaport road, for there they find ...more

The Whizzers Jun 26 1963 - A team of pickpockets and the attempt to track them down leads Jock Weir into serious trouble with the public and with the Chief Constable.

Friendly Relations Oct 17 1962 - The trail of a walk-in thief leads Smith and Weir to a locked room in Newtown and on to a night in Blackpool - but not to see the illuminations!

Known To The Police Nov 28 1962 - Hilda Simmons reports that her car has been stolen. But she omits to tell the police that the man who took it is her husband. Smith and Weir have the task of rounding up the 'thief' only to find ...more

Follow My Leader Feb 27 1963 - The trail of counterfeit notes begins in a chemist's shop. Following it is more complicated than Lynch and Graham would ever have believed.

Train Of Events Apr 24 1963 - A mailbag robbery in Newtown and Barlow is in his element as the masterly organiser at the centre of operations. He sends Lynch and Graham to set up a road block, chivvies John Watt into ...more

Full Remission Sep 26 1962 - A pretty girl out alone and late at night leads Steele and Lynch to a robbery and to a tearaway more dangerous than any they have encountered before.

The Hitch-Hiker Jan 23 1963 - A casual lift as the rain pours down - and for Winnie Parker it means a drive of terror. Her kindness in persuading her husband to pick up a hitch-hiker puts her in danger and gives a long night ...more

The Listeners Feb 13 1963 - Lynch goes out on patrol with PC Dave Graham, the former dog-handler who has been chosen to replace Bob Steele. With Lynch missing the companionship of Steele, the relationship between the new ...more

Police Work Jul 03 1963 - The Coroner's demand for the presence of a witness sends Smith and Weir to a lonely cottage, to be greeted with a kind of violence even they do not expect.

Corroboration Oct 24 1962 - Lynch and Steele investigate a break-in at a factory where the night watchman has been attacked and injured. They bring in a man the Newtown police have long wanted to see behind bars. But ...more

Ambush Nov 11 1962 - Dick Davis comes out of Walton jail and immediately plans his first job. But after two years in prison Davis cannot match the quality of his planning with the quality of his new accomplices.

Search Dec 26 1962 - When a child is reported missing on Christmas Day Smith and Weir are first in what becomes a countrywide hunt for him. They search all day and into the night in a desperate attempt to find him.

By The Book May 01 1963 - ""Crimes like this, there's always two, always. I've never known it otherwise"". And DCS Robins is talking about murder.

Scare Jun 05 1963 - The crew of a merchant ship about to dock at Seaport are looking forward to shore leave. They have money to burn and an itch to burn it in Rosie's Club. When a smallpox scare leads to all leave ...more

Person Unknown Nov 14 1962 - Detective Superintendent Miller, aggressive as ever, leads the local Newtown force as they attempt to find a man who has attacked several young girls.

Caught By The Ears Jun 12 1963 - Cattle are identified by marks on their ears. Sgt. Watt and Z-Victor One have to find their own way of identifying the people responsible for a large-scale fraud.

Trumpet Voluntary Jan 09 1963 - Eddie plays the trumpet badly and on the streets, so his contacts with the police are frequent. This time, however, there is more than music involved.

The Bad Lad Mar 20 1963 - In an attempt to improve the crime statistics Barlow has Smith and Weir devoting valuable time to the theft of a bicycle lamp and John Watt is set to clear up an affair of lead castings pilfered ...more

The Peterman Apr 10 1963 - A big bump in the night and the hunt for the safebreakers is on. But the safebreakers are hunting too - for the expert.

Five Whistles Dec 19 1962 - A quantity of drink and five suits are missing. Steele and Lynch spend a long night looking for the drink while the rest of the Newtown police are at the Christmas party.

The Main Chance Feb 20 1963 - Cock-fighting is cruel, bloody and illegal. Its promoters have to work in secret, and so do the police in trying to catch the perpetrators.

Nothing Serious May 08 1963 - A vicious bunch of thugs and a young couple in love. Lynch and Graham are involved with both while their own working relationship reaches flash point. PC Sweet and the relative newcomer DC Hicks ...more

Johnny Sailor Nov 07 1962 - Johnny attacks a man in a pub - the wrong man. Steele and Lynch have to find him before he finds the right man.

The Birds Of The Air Apr 17 1963 - Only when the birds have flown does Z-Victor One get called to the Atlantic Hotel, where a man and woman are wanted for not paying their bill. Barlow has to set snares to catch them.

Five And A Match Jan 16 1963 - Export cigarettes are being imported into the Newtown area. Lynch and Steele pick up some fag-ends of information.

All Up By Seven Jan 02 1963 - Arrest usually pile up at night - except in this case that involves a safe, the Army, a divorce and a potted plant.

Information Received Oct 10 1962 - Z-Victor Two gets an alarm call to a jeweller's shop. Sgt. Watt gets the information that leads to an arrest, but the case is not as simple as it seems.

The Navigators Dec 05 1962 - Lynch and Steele are called to a pub fight. Who started it? As Geraghty said: ""Hollis is always starting fights. Too clever for himself this time, though - far too

A Simple Case Jan 30 1963 - Bob Steele is late for work. And because of this he becomes accidentally involved in a case concerning a petty thief. He is going through the town's shopping centre when a middle-aged woman ...more

Act Of Vengeance Feb 06 1963 - The act is sudden, brutal and corroding. The problem facing Barlow is what the victim has done to warrant it.

Matter Of Conviction Mar 13 1963 - A serious crime has to be reported to Headquarters. Barlow's main worry is that the crime may not have been committed at all.

Pay By Results Apr 03 1963 - Glossop is a name all too familiar to Newtown CID. His record includes larceny, assault, shopbreaking, gaming and assault on police. So when he escapes from prison and is reported to be back in ...more

Tuesday Afternoon Dec 04 1963 - A case of shoplifting, the disappearance of 3,000 bricks and some unbuilt houses give Barlow and the boys in Z-Victor One a busy day.

A Place Of Safety Jun 24 1964 - Smith and Weir are called to a disturbance in a tenement block. An unemployed black man has attacked a bailiff with an axe, then barricaded himself in his flat with his wife and children. Barlow ...more

Choose Your Partners Nov 27 1963 - A report of breaking and entering at Mallory Hall and soon Lord Tenterden's home is swarming with policemen from the ACC right down to Fancy Smith. The thieves have taken something far more ...more

The Whole Truth... Apr 08 1964 - 'Punchy' Palmer is not too bright. When he tries to help Newtown police it isn't easy to know what is truth and what is daydreams. In this guesswork lies the answer to a series of crimes.

Centre Of Disturbance May 13 1964 - A brutal mid-afternoon shooting in the middle of a shopping area leaves a store full of people dumbfounded and the Newtown police force shaking its head in disbelief.

Lucky Accident Sep 04 1963 - An attempted burglary and a hit-and-run accident - PC Lynch sees the connection first. Proving it is a job for the whole of Victor Division.

A La Carte Sep 18 1963 - Chief Inspector Barlow is known locally as something of a gourmet, but not even the chef believes that he is interested only in food.