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Below is a complete Zeke and Luther episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Zeke and Luther episodes are listed along with the Zeke and Luther episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Zeke and Luther episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of items like “Road Trip” and “Skate Squad.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Zeke and Luther episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Not My Sister's Keeper Nov 09 2009 - When a contest is held at Don's Donuts, the prize is a rare skateboard. But when Ginger goes missing, will Zeke search for her or just try to win the board?

Season 1, Episode 1 Feb 01 2009 -

U Can't Touch This (Music Video) Jun 29 2009 - Adam Hicks, Hutch Dano and Daniel Curtis Lee... of the Disney XD series ‘Zeke and Luther’ are out with a video for their remake of MC Hammer’s signature hit ‘U Can’t Touch This’. - Ring the ...more

Skate Camp Jul 20 2009 - The guys open up a skateboarding camp to encourage kids to take up the sport and Ozzie enrolls, but shows a lack of enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Ginger and Lisa plan a flute-playing competition.

Luck Be a Rodent Tonight Jul 27 2009 - Zeke and Luther try to make a skateboarding video after Kojo gets his mom to film one. They convince Garrett "Stinky Cast" Delfino, who has a crush on Ginger, to film it, and come out ...more

Cup Stacking Aug 03 2009 - Zeke and Luther are preparing to set a new two-man butt-boarding record. And things seem set until their training gets interrupted by Luther’s new-found fascination with cup stacking.

Summer School Aug 10 2009 - Zeke must sit through summer school with his not so very nice algebra teacher. He later learns that he was once an avid skateboarder and challenges him to a skateboarding competition to get out ...more

Bros Go Pro Jun 15 2009 - Ginger books Zeke and Luther to perform a skateboarding stunt, by skating off a ramp and jumping over four king-size mattresses. But fooling around in their hotel room causes them to nearly miss ...more

Donut Jockey Jun 22 2009 - Zeke and Luther get jobs as delivery men at Don's Donuts, in order to pay for new skateboard parts. Luther gets hustled by bratty little kids for free donuts, while Zeke makes frequent ...more

Crash and Learn Jun 29 2009 - Zeke and Luther accidentally destroy their grumpy neighbor's garden, and leave Kojo with the blame.

Pilot Jul 06 2009 - Zeke and Luther try to get skateboarding sponsorship. Zeke arranges for the two to skateboard into the "Tunnel of Terror" to impress his British neighbor, but Luther drops out when the ...more

Cape Fear Jul 13 2009 - Zeke wants to have his own trademark skateboarding costume feature. Olivia volunteers to make him something, and gives him a cape.

I, Skatebot Jan 04 2010 - When Mr. Fitzle's skater-hating robot goes out of control and tries to destroy everyone, Zeke and Luther must risk their lives to destroy the robot.

A Very Hairy Problem Jan 25 2010 - In the first two-part episode of the series, Zeke and Luther are as excited as they can be when they get summer jobs at a skateboard testing factory. Meanwhile, Ginger tags along with the guys ...more

Crash Dummies Nov 23 2009 - Zeke and Luther send a video to a show that features stunts performed on skateboards and are picked to join the show. Meanwhile, Ginger plans her own "surprise" birthday party and ...more

Law and Boarder Jan 18 2010 - After Zeke and Luther ruin Ginger's potato wedge stand business, She gets revenge by having strict skateboarding laws implemented in the neighborhood.

Rollerdorks Nov 16 2009 - A feud breaks out between the skaters and the "Rollerdorks", a gang of disco dancing roller bladers. Meanwhile, Ginger uses Poochie's bird to get revenge on Zeke.

The Bro List Oct 25 2010 - Pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk arrives when Zeke and Luther set out to accomplish everything on their "bro list" before Luther moves out of town.

Seoul Bros Nov 01 2010 - Zeke and Luther's new manager gets them on a commercial for a Korean sports drink.

Bro Ho Ho Dec 06 2010 - Zeke and Luther get jobs as a mall Santa and elf. Kirby Cheddar visits. Luther meanwhile tells Kirby's mom that Kirby wants a special skateboard, two of them that both Zeke and Luther want. So, ...more

Luther Unleashed Apr 05 2010 - Luther becomes frustrated with Ozzie "posing" as a skater and wants him to stop once and for all, so Zeke encourages Ozzie to try skate photography. Meanwhile, Zeke and Ginger pull ...more

Luther Waffles & The Skateboard of Doom, Part 2 of 2 Jun 21 2010 - In the first two-part episode of the series, Zeke and Luther are as excited as they can be when they get summer jobs at a skateboard testing factory. Meanwhile, Ginger tags along with the guys ...more

Robo-Luth Oct 18 2010 - Luther gets a new robotic knee; Luther must choose between saving his new knee or his best friend. Meanwhile Ginger tries to figure out where Zeke sneezed in her room.

Goin' Zoomin Nov 22 2010 - Zeke and Luther must choose between two company sponsors.

Airheads Mar 29 2010 - After a string of bad luck with their skateboarding, Zeke and Luther form an air rock band with Kojo and Ozzie joining later on. Meanwhile, Ginger is determined to win as much contests as ...more

Luther Waffles & The Skateboard of Doom, Part 1 of 2 Jun 21 2010 - In the first two-part episode of the series, Zeke and Luther are as excited as they can be when they get summer jobs at a skateboard testing factory. Meanwhile, Ginger tags along with the guys ...more

Skate Squad Feb 01 2010 - Zeke and Luther along with Kojo and Ozzie form a varsity skate squad to get out of gym class.

Haunted Board Oct 05 2009 - Zeke and Luther are haunted when a cool looking board they bought off the internet turns out to be the legendary cursed "Eye of the Cat". In the meantime, Stinky Cast strikes a deal ...more

Soul Bucket Nov 02 2009 - Luther's grandmother wants his rock band, Soul Bucket to perform for her. Meanwhile, Ginger holds open auditions for a new best friend to replace Poochie.

Little Bro, Big Trouble Aug 23 2010 - Luther tries to spend time with his little brother Roy but he goes off and starts hanging with the Plunks, while Ginger gets mad at Zeke because his brother is trying to be nice but always ends ...more

Road Trip Oct 19 2009 - Zeke and Luther's favorite skate boarder of all time is Tony Hawk, and they find themselves on a trip to his childhood home.

Ball of Trash Nov 08 2010 - Zeke and Luther try to get rid of a giant ball of trash.

Luther Leads Oct 26 2009 - Zeke and Luther celebrate their tenth anniversary of skateboarding together and find a security video from Donut Don that shows Luther was the first to ride a skateboard that the two of them ...more

Rocket Men Jul 19 2010 - Zeke and Luther train with "Jumpsuit" Johnson to pull off a stunt with his rocket to get into a skateboarding magazine. Meanwhile, Ginger tries to get back a hat from Ozzie, that is ...more

Sludge! Nov 15 2010 - Kojo has crush on Zeke's visiting cousin.

Board in Class Jul 26 2010 - Zeke and Luther fear they will get a bad grade in shop class since their Nana rejects their teachers marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Ginger gets a cereal named after her.

Adventure Boy Nov 30 2009 - Zeke hopes to win Olivia over before she falls for a visiting TV hunk. Meanwhile, Luther takes care of a dog named Rufus that causes trouble.

Treasure Jul 12 2010 - Zeke and Luther try to find a treasure of a famous banjo player/bank robber.

Old Nasty Apr 12 2010 - Zeke is astonished when Ginger takes up interest in skateboarding, he later finds out that the only reason why Ginger is interested in the sport is because of her having a crush on Deuce, the ...more

Kojo's BFF May 17 2010 - Kojo recruits a Tiki Delgado, professional skater to compete against Zeke and Luther in a skating competition.

One Strange Night May 24 2010 - Zeke, Luther and Kojo misplace their friend Kirby Cheddar after having a snow cone party with decade-expired snow cone syrup.

Crouching Zeke, Dancing Luther Jun 28 2010 - Zeke dreams of a nearly impossible trick in which he balances atop his board while it stands vertically.

Luther Waffles: Skate Cop Jul 05 2010 - Deputy Dingle requires Zeke and Luther to participate in the station's Police Ride-Along Program and Luther really takes to the job. Meanwhile, Ginger accidentally gets kissed by Stinky Cast.

Local Heroes Aug 09 2010 - Zeke and Luther mistakenly assume the store they work at is being robbed. Meanwhile Ginger obsesses over a stuffed toy in a claw machine.

Super Shredder Aug 16 2010 - When Zeke and Luther convince an amateur at the skate park to try skateboarding full-time, they discover they've talked their favorite wrestler into quitting his day job.

Daredevils! Apr 04 2011 - Zeke and Luther win a contest to do the final stunt for a famous daredevil when he gets injured. Kojo dates a really tall girl.

Zeke's Last Ride Feb 28 2011 - While doing a stunt in local Gilroy, Zeke has a massive wipeout and ends up in the hospital.

The Unusual Suspects Mar 07 2011 - Zeke and Luther question the suspects after Zeke is thrown from the pier while asleep.

Two Guys, A Car, And a Wild Bear Mar 14 2011 - Zeke and Luther are given a new car by their sponsors, but cannot afford to give it gas. So they put restaurant grease in it, which attracts a wild bear to it. Meanwhile, Ginger has a prank war ...more

Head of Skate Apr 25 2011 - Zeke runs for mayor of Gilroy.