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Below is a complete Zoids episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Zoids episodes are listed along with the Zoids episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Zoids episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items, including “Zoid Eve (2),” “The Black Lightning” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Zoids episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
The Boy from Planet Zi Feb 18 2002
Van wishes to become a Zoid pilot like his father was. Problem is, he can't control a Zoid very well, but when he visits some ruins, his life will be changed forever.
The Mysterious Fiona Feb 19 2002
When desert bandits return for Zeek, Van and Fiona decide to make a run out of the town to keep it safe. Can Zeek find some way to help them?
Memory Feb 20 2002
When Fiona gets seperated from Van, a man named Irvine shows up and helps her out, but will he be a friend or a foe?
The Protectors Feb 21 2002
When Fiona throws out all the water storage, the two must find some way to survive in the desert. Will Irvine help them out, and if he does, what will be the cost?
Sleeper Trap Feb 22 2002
The mysterious Moonbay arrives and helps repair Van's Zoid in the desert, but what will she want in return?
Jump Zeek! Feb 25 2002
Van and company get arrested. Can they find some way to escape and save their Zoids?
The Battle of Red River Feb 26 2002
Minister Prozan decides to start a war between the Empire and ""the Rebels."" Can Van and company find a way to stop it when they will be traveling through both territories?
The Road to the Republic Feb 27 2002
On a brief rest stop, the gangs past catches up with them, and only Zeke and Irvine are left free. Can the two find some way to free everyone else?
The Valley of the Monster Feb 28 2002
When Zeke goes crazy in the Valley of the Rare Hertz, the gang must find some way to save him. Will he become another casualty, or will they succeed?
The Mountain of Dreams Mar 01 2002
The gang finds a crazy doctor trying to make it snow. Will they help Dr. D get his dreams fulfilled?
The Fog at Mt. Iselina Mar 04 2002
Viola decides to get revenge on Van and company at her old village surronded by fog, but will the people welcome her or Van, or will both be forced to wreck themselves in the fog?
The Black Organoid Mar 05 2002
Zeke, Irvine, and Moonbay get arrested because an organoid has been terrorizing the towns around the neighborhood. Can Van prove their innocence?
The Battle of Chronos Mar 06 2002
After Van loses to Raven, he sits down and says he's waiting until Raven shows up. Some of the villagers warn them of the advancing Imperial Army. Major Marcus tells Major Shoobaultz of the new ...more
Wake Up! Zeek! Mar 07 2002
After Van loses the battle to Raven again, and this time Zeke is hurt badly. Colonel Krueger knows its a huge blow losing the fortress, but he wants to know how much time it would take them to ...more
Deploy the ZG! Mar 08 2002
After Van had finally revived Zeke with the Zoid Magnite, Zeke needed somet time to recover. Major Shoobaultz combined Imperial unit was delayed due to an avalanche of rocks. The delay was ...more
New Helic City (1) Mar 11 2002
There's a parade in New Helic City celebrating the Republican's latest victory and Irvine, Moonbay, and Fiona watch it. Van and Zeke wander away and see a lone Imperial soldier being harassed by ...more
The Longest Night of the Republic (2) Mar 12 2002
As the Imperial Army is getting closer, Captain Herman is swimming really fast to warn their side about the attack from the Empire. While Van, Moonbay and Irvine are planning their next move to ...more
The Defense of the City (3) Mar 13 2002
Barely escaping and making it to the front lines at the New Helic Shore, the Republican Army stands and waits for the Imperial Army to attack. Prince Rudolph of the Empirehas some bad news about ...more
Prozen's Conspiracy Mar 14 2002
After stopping the war and making the Empire retreat peae was restored to the Republic. Van and his friends were off to the Guerrial Plateau to restore Fiona's memory. While at an Imperial ...more
The Resurrection Monster Mar 15 2002
A scientist talks to Minister Prozan about the loading process of the new type zoid they had found and the other zoid to which they had made alterations to its zoid core. Van and the rest were ...more
The Charged Particle Gun Mar 18 2002
Raven starts to rush after Rosso and enters a punk guys territory called Brad. Raven being the nicest I have ever seen him, gets mocked by Brad. Then Raven takes Brad out and crushes his Dark ...more
Farewell to a Friend Mar 19 2002
After barely escaping from Raven. Van adn the rest find some shelter. Rudolph wakes up and was having a bad dream and wonders if he will ever get back home. Later that morning, Rudolph asks if ...more
The Imperial Ring Mar 20 2002
Since the Shield Liger was destroyed, Van had fused with Zeke right before it was completely gone. Dr. D and Fiona gets Van to regain conciousness, meanwhile Raven delievers Rudolph to ...more
A Voice from Afar Mar 21 2002
After Van had brought Rudolph back to the campsite away from danger, he had seen the Whirl Wind of Light surrounding the Shield Liger. Before where Metelinick and his thugs were left because of ...more
The New Liger Mar 22 2002
After Van starts coming back to the campsite, he is attacked by Denis in the Red Guysack, Denis tries to overtake him, but Van manages to win by opening the cockpit of the Guysack and knocking ...more