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These Crafty Geniuses Made Their Very Own, Full-Size Star Wars Vehicles

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The only thing cooler than all the lightsabers in Star Wars are the many speeders, ships, and all-terrain vehicles. But what if you could have such vehicles in real life? Well, some brilliant fans made such dreams come to fruition by building their very own full-sized Star Wars vehicles. These fan-made Star Wars modes of transport are works of art and in some cases, amazing feats of engineering. Yes, there are even a few fans who made Star Wars vehicles that actually operate. Can you imagine cruising around town in a speeder?!

Regardless of whether or not these recreations are drivable or flyable, they are still incredibly cool and impressive to look at. Some people dedicated years to crafting them, so take your time as you peruse the work of these super fans. Here are a bunch of vehicles from Star Wars that were crafted out of love for a galaxy far, far away. Vote up the coolest full-size vehicles from Star Wars that make your jaw drop.