The 15 Strongest Military Members in FMA, Ranked by Power

The Amestrian military in Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is filled with skilled soldiers. Among them are the state alchemists, who are empowered by the government to deploy alchemy for a variety of purposes, including warfare, scientific experimentation, and more. 

In order to become a state alchemist, a contender must demonstrate superior strength and alchemic ability. But who are the strongest state alchemists? Depends on who you ask. One major contender is Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist. His fire powers are truly impressive, but could Alex Armstrong's combat alchemy prove superior? What about Edward Elric's ability to perform transmutations without drawing a circle first? 

The state alchemists are amazing, but they aren't the only ones worth paying attention to. Riza Hawkeye might not be able to transmute matter, but with a gun in her hand she can run circles around an alchemist. The same can be said of Olivier Armstrong, who was strong enough to defeat her alchemist brother, and runs Fort Briggs like a well-oiled machine. 

Vote up the members of the Amestrian military that you think stand out among the rest, and vote down the ones who don't deserve their title. 

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    As the state alchemist Edward Elric spends the most time with, Roy Mustang is one of the better-known people in his position. Known as the Flame Alchemist, he's able to spark a flame using special gloves, and manipulate the oxygen in the surrounding area to create and control fire. His abilities generally don't work when it's raining, although he can sometimes manipulate the oxygen inside the raindrops for offensive attacks.

    He learned Flame Alchemy from Berthold Hawkeye in a roundabout way. He was Berthold's apprentice, but Berthold refused to teach him his creation, believing it to be too important to leave with anyone other than his daughter Riza. He tattooed the alchemical imagery on her back before he passed away. Eventually, Riza allows him to learn Flame Alchemy, altering it slightly to fit his needs. Riza insists that he use his ability to burn off parts of the tattoo, freeing her from the burden of its secrets. 

    After being forced to commit human transmutation, Roy gains the ability to perform alchemy without a transmutation circle, dramatically widening the possibilities of what sort of alchemy he can use. 

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    Protagonist Edward Elric has the least experience as a State Alchemist, but that doesn't mean he's weak or ineffective. After teaching himself alchemy and attempting human transmutation, he met with disaster: his arm and leg were taken, as was his brother Alphonse's entire body. His initial goal is to retrieve their bodies, which is part of what leads him to continue enhancing his abilities. He starts out by undergoing harsh training with Izumi Curtis, who taught him martial arts, hand to hand combat, and more about alchemy than he could have learned on his own. 

    He eventually brings his talents to Central. There, he specializes in combat alchemy, which he can perform without needing a transmutation circle. He can create weapons, create columns to help him move quickly or use as a bludgeon, create enormous hands made of earth to help him lift things, and more. He's also remarkably talented at observation - he learns quickly and incorporates more experienced alchemists' techniques into his own repertoire.

    At the end of the series, he loses his alchemy powers in the Gate Of Truth, in exchange for the return of his and Alphonse's bodies. But he still remembers everything he learned, and can pass it along to others. 

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    Sitting at the top of the Amestrian Military hierarchy is King Bradley. Once a regular human, he's now a human fused with a Philosopher's Stone created from wrathful souls. These distilled into one furious personality and turned him into the homunculus, Wrath. He's using the Amestrian military to further his destructive goals, a problem that most of the other members on this list will spend the series grappling with. Like all of the homunculi, he's incredibly powerful, with super-human strength, agility, reflexes, and momentum. His most noteworthy ability is his Ultimate Eye, which boosts his senses and allows him to predict the future. 

  • With muscles like that, it'd be easy for Alex Louis Armstrong to get by on his physical strength and hand-to-hand combat alone - but he's also a talented alchemist. He combines the two to create Combat Alchemy, a technique that's been passed on through multiple generations of the Armstrong family. Using a pair of gauntlets to help him, he transmutes matter by punching it. This allows him to create things like enormous spikes that are stupendously strong and sharp. Seriously, these things could rip straight through Sloth's body when rockets, tanks, and guns were having no impact whatsoever. The man is proud of his power, and for good reason.