This Is Why Malia Obama Is The Best Obama

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Vote up the coolest things Malia has done that prove she's simply the best Obama.

There's nothing like a trash-pile president and his gross, no-good, very-bad family to make you yearn for the days of America's former first and coolest family. And there's nothing like seeing the embodiment of animal torture and child-bashing in Donald Trump, Jr., or the hypocrisy of complicity that is Ivanka Trump to make us miss America's coolest, innocent, and beatiful first children.

There's a lot to back up the claim that Malia is the best (and coolest) Obama. For real, though: this girl has a lot going on! For one, she learned how to drive from the Secret Service, but she isn't so high-brow that she can't pop up at music festivals and bless us all with her presidential presence. She can hang with college kids and school them at drinking games, but she can also land very cool New York internships and get into Harvard. There are loads of fun facts about Malia Obama that prove she's simply the's the coolest - and even Ivanka herself has defended her, proving that Malia is straight up beloved. Which reasons do you think top the rest?

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    The Secret Service Taught Her How To Drive

    The Secret Service Taught Her How To Drive
    Photo: YouTube

    Not many teens can boast as much driving prowess as Malia Obama; the girl was taught how to drive by the freakin' Secret Service! She has to be beyond road proficient at this point. Former First Lady Michelle Obama dished on how her daughter got behind the wheel under the Secret Service's tutelage, saying her "hope is just to make sure that they [her daughters] come out of this thing as functioning adults, you know?" You're on the right track, Michelle, and that has to be the coolest way to learn how to drive ever.  

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    She Has Excellent Taste In Hip-Hop

    Malia earned some Internet-approved music cred when she was photographed wearing a Pro Era (a Brooklyn-based hip-hop collective) t-shirt. Pro Era stands for "Progressive Era" and members include, among others, Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly and Powers Pleasant. Clearly, Malia has great taste not only music but also the merch. Malia's super fresh, super current vibes may well have been encouraged by her parents: the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Her dad Barack curated some very chill-vibe, hip-hop-heavy Spotify playlists during his tenure as president, and famously hosted some of the coolest names in hip-hop at the White House.

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    She Played Beer Pong While Visiting A College Campus

    She Played Beer Pong While Visiting A College Campus
    Photo: YouTube

    During a visit to Brown University in 2015, it was rumored that Malia hit up a college party and played beer pong with the students while on a campus tour. A Snapchat surfaced online of Malia rocking up the beer pong table. And let's face it, she probably schooled each and every one of those college kids. There is no way she's not amazing at everything she tries.  

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    She Interned On HBO's Girls

    Malia got to live most people's coolest New York dreams by interning at a critically-acclaimed HBO show during the summer of 2015. Malia interned on the set of Girls, and sure, there's loads of celebrities and cool famous folk walking around that set, but everyone was probably obsessed with how cool Malia was. Like, all other interns should probably stop trying, because Malia was 100% the coolest intern to ever intern.  

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    She Speaks Spanish

    Even President Obama had to get a little help from Malia during a trip to Cuba after normalizing relations with the country in 2016. The first daughter is fluent, and helped her dad interpret at a restaurant in Havana. There's nothing more delightful than someone who is bilingual, especially in one of the most romantic languages. And her skills will prove to be useful in the long term as well: during her gap year she reportedly scored an internship at the US embassy in Madrid, Spain.

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    She Can Blow Smoke Rings

    Malia Obama is running rings around us. Or rather, she's smoking them. She has us all beat in the cool competition. Now, no one here is endorsing smoking, and most of the Internet got all over Malia for this, but a lot of people jumped to her defense with a rallying cry of "let Malia live!" And why not? Let a college student be a college student. Let's get off her back, after all, is she really going to take good advice because she hears it from the trolls? Let a girl live her best life, why don't you.


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