Silly Photos of Nuns Hanging Out and Having Fun

Contrary to what you might've heard, nuns know how to have fun. They like to nun party, take nun pictures of it and, nun upload them to the nun Internet just like the rest of us. Sometimes they take photos that aren't really what you would think of as typical nun photos. Which is probably a very somber and stern photo in all of our imaginations that may or may not give you a panic attack based on how you were raised. But then again, who really knows for sure how they pass the time? You sort of have to be a nun to know that. Maybe you think you know about nuns, but the truth is that you really have no idea. If the following 25 images of nuns don't convince you that sometimes nuns just want to have fun, then nun-thing will. Warning, this list has maybe too many nun puns to count.