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Fun Songs to Play on the Drums, Ranked

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Whether you are beginning to play the drums or you're a bonafide master, certain drum songs are the most fun to play. From Nirvana to The Who to Metallica, this list features the top fun songs to play on the drums. Some fun drum songs to learn are easy and some fun songs to play on drums take a bit more practice.

What tunes will you find on this list? “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin has to be near the top. John Bonham once again proves why he is one of the best drummers of all time on this Led Zeppelin IV classic. Keith Moon – of The Who – gives him a run for his money as the best of the best on tunes like “My Generation” and “A Quick One While He's Away.”

Several Dave Grohl rhythms are fun to play on the drums including Nirvana's mega-hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Other fun drum songs include “Wipe Out,” “Hot for Teacher,” and “Tom Sawyer.”

How will we ever determine which fun drum song is the best? Help us decide by giving your favorites a vote up and please add any fun drum songs to play that we may have missed.

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