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For beginners and experts alike, sometimes it can be fun to learn new songs on guitar, rather than trying to come up with your own riffs. Of course, originality is always preferable, but it never hurts to learn a few of your favorite songs, whether that's to play to yourself or show off to friends. Regardless, there's a great deal of fun songs to play on guitar, and at the very least, you may pick up some new techniques and ultimately improve your skills as you try out some of these songs. Keep in mind, "fun" doesn't have to constitute a hard or easy song—these are just a joy to play. 

Quite often, the best songs to play on guitar and have some fun with are actually fairly simple, which is why most people find them so fun to play. For instance, Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" only uses a few basic chords, but the picking (rather than strumming) makes the track a cool one to play—not to mention nostalgic for many. Even "Passenger" by Iggy Pop is a good one to learn—using a few chords and a cool strumming pattern. In short, there are plenty of fun songs to learn on guitar.

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