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20 Ingenious Water Bottles That Make Drinking Water Legitimately Fun

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Everyone drinks water, but not everyone wants to drink water the same way. If you feel uninspired by the basic life choice of bottled Aquafina, why not try out some new and exciting water bottles and accessories to separate you from the rest of the watering hole. So many stainless steel and plastic reusable water bottles exist out there in the world that it almost feels like individuality is but a dream in the watery world you live in. However, many a fantastic, clever, and geeky reusable water bottle exists for you to put your hands on and your mouth over. Many sellers out there even created water bottles with a plethora of accessories you never thought possible when consuming di-hydrogen monoxide.   

So, to quench your thirst for something fresh as well as your own literal thirst, check out some of these innovative reusable water bottles and accessories. Honestly, each feels refreshing as a glass of cool water.