15 Anime Best Friends Who Share The Same Brain Cell

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One of the most fun things about anime is friendship - especially a friendship that creates a sort of electric field of stupidity when those friends get together. Whether they're pounding back booze like Kohei and Iori from Grand Blue or playing a series of increasingly ridiculous games like the girls from Asobi Asobase, it's just fun to see friends having fun! 

Which pair or group of buds would you most want to hang out with?

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    Killua & Gon - 'Hunter x Hunter'

    Killua & Gon - 'Hunter x Hunter'
    Photo: Hunter x Hunter / Madhouse

    In Killua and Gon's case, it's less that they're sharing one brain cell and more that they have one between the two of them, but Killua is holding onto it because Gon can only really make use of it when it comes to training his Nen.

    Despite Gon having had a relatively happy childhood and Killua having come from an abusive family of assassins, the two of them are equally dedicated to perfecting their abilities and to enjoying their adventures as Hunters. They support each other through tough times, and have a blast running around being chaotic during good times.

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    Sasha & Connie - 'Attack on Titan'

    Sasha & Connie - 'Attack on Titan'
    Photo: Attack on Titan / Wit Studio

    In a grim world where nearly everything is miserable all the time, Sasha and Connie stand out. They're silly, light-hearted people who know how to have a good time - but who also know how to be serious when they need to.

    Their similar personalities lead to a bond so tight that Connie refers to Sasha as ‘the other half of himself.’ If things had turned out differently, it's easy to imagine the two of them falling in love - or just being ridiculous BFFs forever.

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    Yuji & Nobara - 'Jujutsu Kaisen'

    Yuji & Nobara - 'Jujutsu Kaisen'
    Photo: Jujutsu Kaisen / MAPPA

    Nobara, Yuji, and Megumi are a three-man team, but Megumi often gets stuck reprimanding the other two for not taking things seriously.

    Nobara and Yuji are easily distracted from their curse hunting work by video games, snacks, and in Nobara's case, shopping. Unless presented with something truly dangerous, they don't tend to stress about much - but they get down to business when they have to. Kind of like their lackadaisical mentor, Gojo.

    Meanwhile, poor Megumi is just embarrassed by the lot of them.

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    Denji & Power - 'Chainsaw Man'

    Denji & Power - 'Chainsaw Man'
    Photo: Chainsaw Man / MAPPA

    At first, Denji and Power don't especially like each other. Power is a Blood Fiend who's been conscripted into the Public Safety Devil Hunters against her will, while Denji is just happy to get a good meal and a place to live that isn't a shack. 

    Their difference in opinion about their job makes it tough for them to work together, as does the fact that Power tried to feed Denji to the Bat Devil. But they don't stay on bad terms for long - not when they can cause trouble for Aki together. 

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    Tanaka & Nishinoya - 'Haikyuu!!'

    Tanaka & Nishinoya - 'Haikyuu!!'
    Photo: Haikyuu!! / Production I.G

    Tanaka and Nishinoya agree on two things: volleyball is the greatest sport in the world, and Kiyoko is the hottest girl in the world. Oh, and both of these things need to be screamed at top volume to anyone who will listen.

    Though they might be aggravating to their teams' more serious members, they still bring some much needed absurdity to the team. Also, they both bring impressive volleyball skills.

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    Gintoki & Kagura - 'Gintama'

    Gintoki & Kagura - 'Gintama'
    Photo: Gintama / Sunrise

    ‘Friends’ might not be exactly the right description for Gintoki and Kagura's relationship - they've got more of an uncle-niece vibe going on. But they definitely share one brain cell. 

    Though Gintoki is lazy and Kagura is hyperactive, they share the same propensity for chaos and nonsense. Both of them leave Shinpachi feeling extremely frustrated, but sometimes he joins in on their ridiculousness.

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