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The Funniest Anime Girls of All Time

Who is the funniest anime girl that makes you laugh until your sides hurt? Considering how many funny female anime characters there are, let's rank these women by how hilarious they are, with the help of your votes.

If you've seen Bleach, you know how funny Yachiru Kusajishi can be. She served as lieutenant to Kenpachi Zaraki, and would humorously refer to him as "Kenny" while she rode on his back and directed him where to go. Lucy Heartfilia from Fariy Tail is another popular anime girl known for making people laugh. Other anime girls known for their sense of humor are Squid Girl, Hotaru Shidare, Konata Izumi, and Kagura from Gintama.

Who is funniest anime girl of all time? Vote up your top choices below, and add any funny female characters to the list if they aren't here already!

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