25 Ridiculously Funny Anime That Mastered The Art Of Comedy

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Coming into 2023 there are a ridiculous amount of funny anime for you to enjoy, but which should be considered among the best of all time? With new comedy anime like Spy x Family and Ya Boy Kongming! making a splash on the scene, we need to rank them all against each other to determine which series make anime fans laugh the hardest.

If you're addicted to shonen, then One Punch Man has to be one of the funniest anime you can get your hands on. The series does a brilliant job satirizing all the shonen tropes that make you roll your eyes, but has enough action and beautiful animation to allow the viewer to take it seriously while laughing at the same time.

What about Prison School? The premise is ridiculous in itself, as the show follows a group of male students at an all female school who get jailed after getting caught peeping. If you have an immature sense of humor, you're likely to laugh until you cry…just wait until the infamous shower scene.

Vote up the absolute funniest anime you've ever seen, and check back as more series are added as they're released throughout the year.


Photo: Gintama / Bandai Namco Pictures