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The Funniest Athlete Tweets

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The funniest athlete tweets show exactly why top professional sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL have social media policies. Whether athletes are trying to be funny or simply tweet things that are so off the wall that they become funny, these Twitter messages entertain sports fans across the globe on a daily basis.

While numerous athletes are on the social networking platform Twitter, some athletes certainly are more popular than others. NFL player Chad Ochocinco, formerly Chad Johnson, is perhaps one of the top athletes on social media. Ochocinco, who operates his own Twitter feed, provides commentary on his life off the field, interacts with fans and jokes often to his more than three million followers.

Using that same logic, NHL player Paul Bissonnette has built a massive follower base on Twitter using his alter ego "Biz Nasty." Bissonnette's tweets not only coined the terms "twooping" (tweeting while on the toilet) and "panty soup" (when he gets lucky) but also helped prompt the NHL in instituting stricter rules for what their players are permitted to discuss on the social networking site.

Both of those athletes are far from the best in their respective sports but have become wildly popular for their frequent interaction with fans on social networking. Other athletes are exactly the opposite as in they are the top in their sports but their tweets are often head scratchers. Luckily for fans, these bizarre tweets often lead to chuckles as they are just so far out there that it's hard not to laugh.

Football player Darnell Dockett, who has tweeted about farting and little people, NBA player Martell Webster, who tweets about shark orgies, and Kevin Durant, who offered to drink Scarlet Johansson's bath water in a tweet, all fall into that so bizarre it's funny category.

Whether athletes are trying to make us laugh with funny tweets, entertaining us with bizarre, random comments or simply telling us about their day, at the end of the day their messages allow us to feel connected with the sports stars we love best. Not all athletes on Twitter are funny, but for those who are, we're thankful.