The Funniest Black Female Comedians Of All Time

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If laughter is the best medicine, these famous women are some of the best doctors around. These are the funniest Black female comedians of all time, as voted on by comedy fans like you. The best Black female comedians come in many forms. Some hilarious Black woman comedians specialize in political humor while other funny African American female comedians are known for jokes about relationships. Many of the top Black female comedians have also landed award-winning acting roles.

Who will you find on this list of the best Black female comedians? Wanda Sykes is one of the most popular touring comedians working today, regardless of race or gender. Performing stand-up comedy, starring in sitcoms, and appearing in films, Sykes is a triple threat in the comedy scene. Whoopi Goldberg is also a talented Black female stand-up comedian and actress.

Saturday Night Live has featured several hilarious Black female sketch comics like Maya Rudolph and Leslie Jones. Nicole Byer is a funny Black girl comedian, who also landed the hosting role for Netflix's baking show, Nailed It. Other women who appear on this list include Jessica Williams, Niecy Nash, and Tiffany Haddish. Issa Rae of Insecure and Yvette Nicole Brown of Community are also funny Black actresses. 

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Most divisive: Cathy Lewis
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  • Wanda Sykes
    Portsmouth, Virginia
    1,012 votes
    • Born: 03-07-1964
    • Credits: Over the Hedge, Rio, Evan Almighty, Monster-in-Law

    Wanda Sykes, a comedic tour-de-force that leaves audiences in stitches, has made her mark on both the big and small screens. Her stand-up specials such as I'ma Be Me and Not Normal showcase her unique voice and perspectives on race, relationships, politics, and family life. With memorable guest appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm and starring roles in Black-ish, Wanda Sykes is an indelible force in entertainment. Her signature style is punctuated by her bold delivery and clever wordplay that has helped to set her apart as one of the trailblazers for Black female comedians.

  • LaWanda Page
    Cleveland, Ohio
    325 votes
    • Born: 10-19-1920
    • Credits: Friday, My Blue Heaven, CB4, Shakes the Clown, The Richard Pryor Show

    LaWanda Page embodied the quintessential sassy grandmother with her role as Aunt Esther on the hit television show Sanford and Son. A veteran of the Chitlin' Circuit, Page honed her comedic skills performing raunchy stand-up routines at nightclubs across America. Known for her signature catchphrase, "Watch it, sucka!" LaWanda Page remains an influential figure in comedy whose no-nonsense attitude continues to inspire generations of Black female comedians.

  • Sommore


    Trenton, New Jersey
    690 votes
    • Born: 05-16-1966
    • Credits: Soul Plane, Something New, The Queens of Comedy, Dirty Laundry, Celebrity Fit Club

    Sommore's bold stage presence and undeniable charisma have earned her a spot amongst comedy royalty. As one of the original Queens of Comedy alongside Mo'Nique, Laura Hayes, and Adele Givens, Sommore has built an impressive résumé featuring stand-up specials such as The Queen Stands Alone and Chandelier Status. Her hilariously unapologetic takes on love, family, and societal expectations have solidified her status as a trailblazer in Black comedy. 

  • Moms Mabley
    USA, North Carolina, Brevard
    633 votes
    • Born: 03-19-1894
    • Credits: Amazing Grace, Boarding House Blues, Killer Diller

    Moms Mabley was a comedy pioneer whose groundbreaking career spanned five decades from vaudeville to mainstream television appearances. With hilarious routines like “The Cab Driver” and “The Ugly Man,” Moms Mabley became known for her sharp wit, toothless smile, and trademark housecoat. She paved the way for future Black female comedians while making history as the first woman to perform at New York's Apollo Theater.

  • Luenell
    Tollette, Arkansas
    498 votes
    • Born: 03-12-1959
    • Credits: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, Hotel Transylvania, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Taken 2, That's My Boy

    Outspoken and unfiltered, Luenell is a comedian who consistently pushes the envelope with her risqué humor. With standout appearances in films like Borat and notable television work including It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Luenell has become a prominent figure in the comedy world. Her stand-up routines delve into topics such as relationships, motherhood, and aging with an infectious self-confidence that leaves audiences wanting more.

  • Adele Givens
    Chicago, Illinois
    410 votes
    • Born: 07-01-1960
    • Credits: Beauty Shop, Tracey Takes On..., The Players Club, The Queens of Comedy, Def Comedy Jam: Vol. 1

    Adele Givens has been captivating audiences with her honest yet hilarious observations on life since her comedy debut in 1990. As one of the original Queens of Comedy, Givens broke barriers for Black female comedians while delivering gut-busting performances. With memorable appearances on Def Comedy Jam and HBO specials such as The Gift, Adele Givens remains a beloved figure in the world of comedy.