The Funniest Comedians on the Howard Stern Show

The funniest comedians on the Howard Stern Show manage to keep everyone laughing, even when things get a little tense (and they do, but that's half the fun). This list includes some of Howard's regular guests and show regulars, along with some really special appearances by legendary comedians. Be sure to vote for those comedians that you believe are the absolute funniest who've ever appeared on Stern's show, and vote down those people that just fell flat. Also, feel free to add anyone you think is missing from this list of Howard Stern comedians. Who is the best of the best? That's up for a lot of debate, and it's up to you to help decide!

Comedians who are regulars on the Howard Stern Show include Gilbert Gottfried, Sal Governale (Sal the Stockbroker) and Shuli Egar. These are among the most essential Howard Stern Show cast members. Some comedians, like Greg Fitzsimmons, Jackie Martling and Jay Thomas, either host or have hosted other shows on the Howard Stern Channel on Sirius. No matter what their role, they're almost always funny.

Does anyone doubt that Howard Stern is a brilliant interviewer? Didn't think so. Some of his best and most memorable interviews have been with comedians. Jim Florentine, Doug Stanhope, and the late Robert Schimmel could certainly be included among the funniest and the best frequent Howard Stern guests of all-time. Some, like Joan Rivers and Lisa Lampanelli, could also be among the most irritating Stern show regulars.

The funniest comedians on the Howard Stern Show also include those who've given some of the best ever Stern interviews. The late, great, comedians Sam Kinison and Rodney Dangerfield could certainly be counted in this category. More contemporary comedian/actors like Sacha Baron Cohen and Louis C.K. are also included. Also check out this list of the sexiest Howard Stern regulars. 

Who are the funniest comedians to appear on the Howard Stern Show? This of Stern guest stars are some of the funniest people on the planet, so you really can't go wrong with who you vote up.
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