Total Nerd 22 Hilarious Overwatch Fails, Accidents And Absurd Plays Of The Game  

Brandon Michaels
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Playing Overwatch is pretty serious business. Just spend 10 minutes in Team Chat during a competitive ranked game and you'll know the feeling. People expect players to have lightning-fast reflexes, pro-level mechanics, and an encyclopedic knowledge of every map. While there are those matches with the most annoying players, there are those redeeming games where the teamwork is simply amazing.  

Now, every once in a while, someone fails so hard it has to be immortalized on YouTube for the rest of eternity. Be sure to have your "Well Played" and "Tea Time" sprays ready for this one, because not even Mercy can heal those burns, no matter how many times you spam, "I need healing."

Here are the funniest defeats, POTGs, and face-palm fails from Overwatch. From glitches to perfectly timed emotes, these are the most comical moments in Overwatch.

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Is Reinhardt Neo?

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Roadhog's Adventure

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I Got Hit Hard With Karma

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