The Funniest 'Family Feud' Answers Through The Years

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Sometimes the answers people give on Family Feud leave us crying with laughter and wondering how someone could come up with such a wacky response. Have you ever cracked under pressure and said something really, really, stupid? Now imagine doing that on a TV show watched by millions around the world. Game show fails never cease to amaze us, and these Family Feud wrong answers are no exception. 

Sometimes, contestants immediately realize their zany replies are completely wrong. Other times, people are 100% confident in their wrong - and sometimes ridiculous response - which is hilarious. When it comes to dumb game show answers, they're not only funny, but also painfully relatable to fellow socially awkward folks. 

Read on to laugh until you cry and scratch your head with wonder, thanks to the funniest Family Feud flops through the years. 

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    'Name Something Men Wear To Bed'

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    'During What Month Of Pregnancy Does A Woman Begin To Look Pregnant?'

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    'Name A Yellow Fruit'

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    'Name A Place On Your Body That A Doctor Might Look In With A Little Flashlight'

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    'What's A Man's Name That Starts With The Letter K?'

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    '[Name] Something Specific Of Leonardo DiCaprio's That You'd Like To Hold'

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