The Funniest Female TV Characters

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Funny women on television from any time period

The funniest female TV characters are those whom we've both laughed at and laughed with, sharing their hilarious moments and sometimes their most touching ones. These funny females are mothers, friends, wives and businesswomen -- comical television character versions of the roles women play in real life. Sometimes easy to relate to, sometimes not, funny female TV characters keep viewers returning to the TV for season after season.

While most truly funny women on TV can be found in sitcoms, a few of the best and funniest women in television can be found in dramas and even cartoon shows. Ally McBeal proved that a leading woman’s role could deal with dramatic situations, yet still allow the female lead to be humorous. A few of the funniest female TV characters have also come from books adapted into television shows, as in the case of Piper Chapman -- who also plays in a drama. 

Some of the funniest women on TV are known for their antics; a classic example is Lucy Ricardo’s failure to pronounce “Vitameatavegamin” after becoming tipsy off the health tonic of the same name. Some of TV’s funniest women are known for their rants or musings. Remember when Elaine Benes had to decide whether men were ‘spongeworthy?' Or 30 Rock's sarcastic Liz Lemon and her many antics. No matter why viewers find them funny, these quirky, witty girl characters continue to stand the test of time and give both men and women hilarious females to enjoy on TV. 

Whoever your favorite funny women on TV are, chances are they’ve become characters you can watch again and again. And that’s the real test: The funniest female TV characters aren’t just funny once, they’re enjoyable and humorous with repeated viewings. They’re human, they’re engaging and these funny television females give audiences not only a laugh, but a lift -- whether they earned one season, six seasons or more.

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