health The Funniest Gym Fails of All Time  

Chris Abraham
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Collection of the best gym fails on the internet, presented in GIF form for your viewing pleasure. We've all seen it- you're at the gym, working hard, when all of a sudden you see someone using the equipment in the most funny and ridiculous way. It's one thing to have poor form while you're squatting or doing dead lifts, but these people truly have absolutely no clue what they're doing. From the guy who doesn't understand what the lat pull down machine is for, to someone wearing high heels on a treadmill, these are the worst of the worst when it comes to exercise and gym fails. Vote for gym fail GIFs that make you laugh the hardest, so the funniest ones will be at the top of the list.
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Ready for Ninja Warrior

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This is why proper footwear is key

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That's not how you leg press bro

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I can't even...

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