The Funniest Kid Characters in TV History

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TV characters who are under 18 when the show starts / they join the cast

List of the funniest kid characters in TV history. This page lists the greatest child characters on the greatest TV shows ever. These kids, ranked here, kept us laughing for entire episodes and entire seasons. Some on the list had their own television series entirely devoted to them. Example? A young doctor by the name of Doogie Howser.

Or Mister Beaver Cleaver, who brought colorful comedy to the black-and-white era. So who are the best child characters on TV? Try Stewie Griffin from "Family Guy" even though he is not a live action human being -- and has a head shaped like Arnold's from "Hey Arnold!" In fact, Helga Pataki made our list -- and feel free to add any other characters from that hilarious child ensemble. Sometimes these characters annoy us to death, but, like Louis Stevens from "Even Stevens," they are most comedic when they are annoying their own TV families to death.
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