The Funniest Characters In The MCU

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Vote up your favorite laugh-out-loud characters in the MCU.

When it comes to funny Marvel characters, the MCU has the market cornered. Whether they're poking fun at their friends, enemies, themselves, or just the absurd situations they wind up in, the funniest heroes always have the ability to capture the audience’s attention. It's no surprise that some of these heroes are also among the luckiest characters in the MCU.

The type of humor for each of these funny Marvel superheroes may vary, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its laughs - and everyone from Tony Stark to Korg brings the wisecracks.

While supporting and side characters play an important role in fleshing out the joke-filled world of the MCU, it's the big names that really bring down the house - so vote up your favorite funny Marvel heroes.