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The 15 Flat-Out Funniest Moments from The Flash Comics

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It’s a well known fact that The Flash is a goofball, but aside from the hilarious moments from The Flash that have been popping up more and more since the early 2000s, there have been so many unflattering and hilarious things that have happened to the cadre of men who have run in the red tights. Maybe it’s because The Flash's sense of humor lends itself to Barry Allen having his legs stolen by Mirror Man, or just because he’s such a luckless hero. Either way, The Flash has been on a funny streak for over five decades.

The Flash cracking jokes is arguably the best thing about the Justice League comics. If it wasn't for the scarlet speedster making light of everything from Batman’s puns to Superman’s costume, the Justice League would be the most joyless supergroup in existence. To see what we’re talking about, keep reading and discover all the times The Flash was surprisingly funny.

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    Join the Justice League, They Said. What's the Worst That Could Happen?

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    Can you really blame Barry Allen for thinking that he's going to be murdered viciously every time Batman lays a hand on him? The guy isn't necessarily known for being touchy feely. Although, Flash's reticence at being touched by Batman isn't so unwarranted. In the following panels the bat-themed billionaire straps Flash to a time displacement/fake science missile so he can help discover what's up with all the wacky time travel, pseudo-science stuff that's been going on. Oh the things we do for our friends.

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    Some Much-Needed Comic Relief

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    Thank goodness we've got The Flash around to add some comic relief to everyone's favorite sourpuss, Batman. While searching for an at-large Lex Luthor in issue 30 of Justice League, the gang tries to figure out which villains would be most likely to know where the bald business man is hiding. Of course Batman can't be cool about anything and starts going on about how Metallo is a bug that needs to be eaten by a bat. Barry Allen then gets to the bottom of whether or not there's a Bat-Moleskine that's never been talked about. 

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    Wolfman's Got Nards

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    After Barry Allen is temporarily imbued with the powers of the Green Lantern Corps in The Flash Annual #2, he learns that he can not only make a bunch of weird spacey stuff with his mind, but that the ring talks to him and gives him helpful tips on how to defeat his enemies. It's essentially like he was playing a game with a cheat code and then someone who worked on the game sat down next to him and started doling out pointers. When the ring tells Allen that the creature he's facing only has one weakness, the fastest man alive makes a very educated guess. 

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    So What If We Want to Make Out with a Toaster?

    Photo: DC / dccomics

    If there's one guy in the DC Universe who knows how to cheer people up, it's Barry Allen. After dealing with an existential crisis brought on by a group of spirits who feed off of bad vibes, Allen's hero friend, Cyborg (Victor Stone), is rethinking his entire existence. In Justice League #13, Cyborg begins worrying that he's more machine than man, but thankfully, Barry gives Vic the true Voight-Kampff test and asks him, have you ever been sexually attracted to a kitchen appliance? Existential crisis averted. 

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