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Sex on screen need not always be serious. As porn parodies have demonstrated, cinematic sex (like plain old non-cinematic sex) can be HYSTERICAL. Sometimes it requires the perfect prop (American Pie), a spirited rider (Showgirls), or a complete lack of any irony whatsoever (every single naked second in THE ROOM).

Don't let the shoddy camerawork of the Kardashian and Hilton sex tapes fool you, even filming the most mundane of sex scenes takes timing, patience, skill, or the right prosthetic private parts. None of which stopped these filmmakers and performers from finding comic gold in the most unexpected of intimate places. Rather than the typical moments of emotional lovemaking on screen, these scenes are incredibly hilarious. 

Warning: though the pictures below are safe for work, some of the links are most definitely NSFW.  Proceed with caution – or put on some headphones, at least – and vote up your favorite funny sex scenes from the screens, both big and small.

Showgirls is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Funniest Sex Scenes In Film And TV History
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Given that Nomi (Elizabeth Berkeley) is a dancer and not a stripper (as she repeatedly exclaims), it wouldn't be surprising if she rode Kyle MacLachlan's Zack like she's in Flashdance (the dancing scenes and not the stripping or welding parts).  

Instead, their notorious whirl in the pool feels like Nomi's on a wild stallion just trying to hold on for seven seconds before getting kicked off. Meanwhile, Zack pretty much sits there doing nothing.

It's amazing that MacLachlan was able to walk or stand upright after filming this scene, especially if they did more than one take. It's also amazing anyone found work after this film.

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Avatar's original release only hinted at the intricacies required in Na'avi lovemaking. Once the special edition arrived, then, and only then, we got the money shot: as Jake and Neytiri begin the ceremonial groping, their TALES LOCK. It may be two CGI characters that look like Shrek's cousins, but this moment of sexual healing still feels unholy, even in the script.

"The tendrils INTERTWINE with gentle undulations. Jake rocks with the direct contact between his nervous system and hers. The ultimate intimacy."  

It's a wonder that Fabio and his heaving chest weren't printed on the screenplay's cover.  

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As NSFW clips go, the climactic orgy of Sausage Party might be the raunchiest of all, despite having zero human nudity. Proceed with caution and get ready to swear off sausage, bagels, tacos, and hot dog buns forever.  

(It's also as hysterical as it is filthy.)  




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As handsome as he may be, Jon Hamm's Ted in Bridesmaids is not the cocksman one would assume. Despite trying every angle in the Kama Sutra, he provides Kristen Wiig's Annie with zero sexual pleasure and a pair of very sore, over-worked boobs.

In the process, Wiig warns every heterosexual woman in the world to be careful what you wish for. 

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