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The Most Hilarious Movies of 2014

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List RulesFunny movies released in 2014 only. Don't downvote a film you haven't seen just because you think it looks awful.

From Kevin Hart and animated comedies to the return of Jim Carrey and Michael Keaton, 2014 featured some of the most hilarious movies in recent memory. These funny and entertaining comedies on this list were all released during 2014 and cover many different comedy genres.  

The comedies of 2014 featured some of your favorite television stars (like Jason Bateman and Amy Poehler), were made by the best directors (like Wes Anderson), and spanned all levels of classiness, from the family comedies like Big Hero 6, Penguins of Madagascar and The Lego Movie, to the raunchy humor of That Awkward Moment and Sex Tape. We also saw funny sequels with 22 Jump Street, Horrible Bosses 2 and Dumb and Dumber To.

How will you rank these funny 2014 movies? Which ones were the most amusing movies of 2014? Vote for the most hilarious movie of 2014 below and if you see a funny favorite missing from the list below, add it so that other movie fans can vote on it. Look for more funny movies? When you're finished here, check out our All-Time Greatest Comedies and Funniest Movies of All Time and The Best Comedy Movies on Netflix lists.