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The Funniest, Drunkest Narrators on Comedy Central's Drunk History

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Pour your favorite cocktail and get ready for the funniest comedians on Comedy Central's Drunk History. The show has no reason to slow down until every single major and obscure historical event has been slurred through, and with so much lush and boozy content to cover, Drunk History has built a roster of inebriated all-stars. 

What qualities are you looking for in funny Drunk History narrators? Are you more impressed with those who can retain knowledge while trying to stay upright or those who can make shockingly accurate sound effects while telling their warped stories?

What works for you? Is it Jenny Slate’s sing-song lilt and way of shipping scientists? Or Kyle Kinane’s drunkest-man-in-the-world version of the Haymarket Riot? Or Chris Romano’s thing for taking off his pants, no matter the topic? History gets whitewashed over time, but you just know that some of our founding fathers ran around pants-less a time or seven. 

Jen Kirkman is a Drunk History fav, having slid to the floor numerous times in her reteller post. Her vertically-challenged fellow narrator Mark Gagliardi is also more comfortable slurring through history from a flat surface. Tymberlee Hill can be counted upon for passion as well as Crissle West and Artemis Pebdani. All three have inspired some of the best Drunk History episodes on the books. 

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    Steve Berg

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    Berg is hilarious, gregarious, and the kind of drunk you want to hang with. He’s also known to break into song every now and then. 

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    Chris Romano

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    To say that Romano is a pants-less loose canon on the show is a bit of an understatement. Whether he’s telling the story about his father the arsonist or James T. McWilliams, anything can - and does - happen.  

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    Slate is a super cute drunk. For “A Sound in Space,” Slate gives reenactors Justin Long (Arno Penzias) and Jason Ritter (Robert Wilson) a wacky and wonderful soundtrack to perform to. She also creates a special relationship for the two scientists as they search for the mysterious sound from deep space.  

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    Amber Ruffin

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    Ruffin has a way with hamboned history. She gets riled up when she’s talking about subjects she’s passionate about, whether it be the girl who came before Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin, or Carrie Nation, a radical proponent of the temperance movement.

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