The Funniest Tweets From 'Best Of Nextdoor' 

Mick Jacobs
Updated July 25, 2018 1.5k votes 248 voters 14.8k views 35 items

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If you love thy neighbor, you need to show them the funniest Nextdoor posts, where communities can show their true colors and the dog poop someone left on their lawn. Tweets from @bestofnextdoor highlight an emerging form of communication between neighbors on the app Nextdoor. At its best, Nextdoor lets residents discover useful information about their neighborhood; at its worst, it can lead your worst neighbors into IRL fights at the local library.

These hilarious Nextdoor tweets vary from serious problems to personal issues. While this platform may not allow residents to find dates or exorcists, there are some good laughs in these posts - and at least 50 firework noise complaints.

Terrier Troubles


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The Bird Is The Word (And It's Dead)


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Good Boy With A Good View


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Runaway Roomba


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