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The 20 Most Delightfully Stupid Heroes From One Punch Man

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One of the most fun things about One Punch Man is how absolutely bizarre some of the professional heroes are. It's not enough for this hilarious series to have a protagonist who can defeat everyone in a single punch, they had to also have a hero who dresses like a pineapple and a guy whose weapon of choice is an eyelash curler. 

The funniest One Punch Man heroes include the two mentioned above, but there's a lot more where that came from. There's Saturn Man, who inexplicably wears a shirt with a picture of Jupiter emblazoned on the front. There's also Double Hole, who shoots energy beams at people with his cybernetic nostrils. 

Who are your favorite heroic weirdos?

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    Double Hole

    B-Class, Rank 29

    To be fair to Double Hole, he could be shooting worse things out of his nostrils than energy beams. But that's not his only nasal-themed attack - he also sticks his fingers in people's nostrils and tosses them as far as he can.

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    B-Class, Rank Unknown

    Pineapple's armor and attacks are both based around, you guessed it, pineapples. His attacks include Concentrated Pine's Strong Acid Juice, Pineapple Cannon, and Pinap Punch. Whether he also lives in a pineapple is unknown.

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    C-Class, Rank 347

    To many Western viewers, Hyottoko's outfit just looks weird - but if you know what it symbolizes in Japan, it's even weirder. His clothing and his mask both resemble that worn by a traditional Japanese thief - a fitting outfit for a villain, but not a hero. He uses a fish basket as a weapon.

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    Horse Bone

    C-Class, Rank 283

    No, that's not Bojack Horseman high on stimulants, that's Horse Bone. He runs H-City alongside Mushroom. While the full extent of his abilities have not been revealed, it is known that he uses his hooves to fight enemies.

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