The Funniest Pixar Characters

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Get ready to laugh as we rank Pixar’s funniest characters. Whether they're cracking jokes or making fools of themselves, the funniest characters can brighten any scene they’re in. They can lighten a dark moment or make a hilarious mishap more funny by making a comment. However, these characters don't only exist to woo the viewers through laughter; they can also be well-rounded characters audiences both young and old can enjoy.

From Mr. Potato Head to Edna Mode and those hilarious little green aliens from Toy Story, these characters are known for being some of the funniest in animated history. Which of these characters make you laugh the most?

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  • Mike Wazowski
    227 votes
    Monsters, Inc., Mike's New Car
  • Dug
    184 votes
    Up, Dug's Special Mission
  • Rex
    199 votes
    Toy Story 2, Toy Story, Small Fry
  • Edna Mode
    195 votes
    The Incredibles
  • Dory
    194 votes
    Finding Dory, Finding Nemo
  • Mr. Potato Head
    198 votes
    Toy Story 2, Small Fry, Toy Story