Pixar Jokes That Will Never Stop Being Funny

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Pixar has become the dominant animation studio throughout the world, and that's not entirely due to the brilliant and innovative artists working there. These days, there are plenty of 3D animation studios regularly churning out decent fare, but Pixar manages to remain on top. The reason for this is the way a Pixar movie appeals to everyone in the audience.

While the targeted demographic may be children, Pixar movies are beloved by kids and adults. This is largely due to the jokes and innuendo sprinkled through the films that go over a child's head but manage to strike a hilarious note with adults. This list highlights the very best jokes found in Pixar movies that will never stop being funny whether you first saw them as a kid or still love them as an adult.

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    One Second Away From Dropping An S-Bomb In 'Finding Nemo

    Anyone who has ever cared for fish knows what's really in the water when the filter shuts down, but that doesn't mean a bunch of children do. In Finding Nemo, that exact scenario arises, and Gurgle comes close to saying the S-word before he's interrupted. It's quick, it's funny, and it's the perfect line at that moment.

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    "Lemon-Flavored" Snow Cones

    If there's one thing everyone knows, it's that you don't eat the yellow snow! That's just a good thing to have in the back of your mind should you find yourself in a snowy climate all of a sudden. When that's exactly what happened to Mike in Monsters Inc., he was offered some yellow snowcones, and his reaction is the only one that he could have! 

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    "You Uncultured Swine" Hits On So Many Levels

    When Mr. Potato Head shows off his Picasso joke to Hamm, it goes over his head. Of course, the only response to this is "You uncultured swine," which plays on so many levels, it instantly became a classic! 

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    A Mosquito's Preferred Drink Is Pretty Obvious When You Think About It

    In A Bug's Life, a mosquito orders a "Bloody Mary, O+" at the bar, and he's given a large drop of blood. It's literally a drop of blood from a woman named "Mary," and after he drinks it all, he gets all fat and drunk before passing out.

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    The "Top Down" Truck Stop In Cars

    This one is all about the adult humor, as most children wouldn't take notice of the signs on the side of the road during this scene in Cars. Along a lonely road, the "Top Down" truckstop can be seen, and if you look VERY closely at the sign below that, it says that all the waitresses are "convertibles," which simply means it's a strip club.

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    Mr. Potato Head Has To Remind Himself He's Married

    When the toys find themselves in Al's Toy Barn, they meet Tour Guide Barbie. Mr. Potato Head clearly has an immediate attraction because he has to keep telling himself, "I'm a married spud, I'm a married spud."

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