22 Poorly Drawn Comics With Surprisingly Hilarious Endings

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Poorly Drawn Lines webcomics takes insane to the next level, often with a ridiculously hilarious ending. Writer and artist Reza Farazmand started posting Poorly Drawn Lines comics online when he was in college. Although his art style has evolved over time, his absurdly hilarious way of looking at the world hasn't changed much. His work seems to start off like other relatable webcomics, like the awkward musings of Sarah's Scribbles, until he takes you somewhere completely unexpected.

The thousands of fans who follow Farazmand's series of funny webcomics on Facebook and Twitter may know Poorly Drawn Lines also has several collections of comics in book form. 2015's Good Ideas and Amazing Stories became an NPR "Best Book" and reached the New York Times bestseller list. A zany rotating cast of people and animals are featured in the thrice-weekly updated comic, including a few recurring characters. Whether he's musing over existentialism, the secret lives of animals, or drawing comics about video games, Faramand uses wit and sarcasm with a huge dose of weird. Vote up the best webcomics from Poorly Drawn Lines that left you scratching your head and laughing at the same time. 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY