The Funniest Radio Morning Shows Currently On Air

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These are the funniest radio morning shows currently on air according to fans and people stuck in traffic. This list of all the best morning radio shows airing in the US should contain some very familiar names, as these shows feature many of the funniest people in the world. To determine which of the top morning radio shows are the best, fans have voted for their favorites below.

You'll often hear world famous celebrities on great morning radio shows in the US as both guests and hosts. From shock jocks like Howard Stern to amazing duos like Opie with Jim Norton, there are plenty of funny people to go around on this top radio morning show list. Funny radio shows have long been a tradition of the morning drive time on terrestrial radio.

In today's world, radio morning shows have been able break the limits of their radio broadcast ranges thanks to the Internet and podcast technology. Also, with the move of morning show titan Howard Stern to satellite radio, the funniest people on radio have yet another broadcast avenue.

So now it's easier than ever to listen to another city's local radio morning show. If you consider yourself an aficionado of morning radio shows, you'll want to vote for your favorites below. Don't see it? Add it so that others may vote on it. This way, everyone can weigh in on what's the best radio morning shows currently on air.

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