The Funniest Rappers of All Time

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Is Lil Dicky the funniest rapper in the game right now? With the release of his new album Professional Rapper, we decided we should rank the funniest rappers of all time. From Eminem to Ludacris, these rappers have the funniest lyrics that are both clever and on point, causing us to laugh while we bob our heads to beat. Vote for the funny rappers that make you laugh the hardest, and downvote any that you don't really think are funny.

Among the funniest rappers of all time are underground heroes like mc chris, a nerdcore rapper who raps about video games, Star Wars and smoking weed. His funnier songs include "Older Crowd" and "Smackababy", a track that is literally about smacking babies. This list features new funny rappers like Lil Dicky, and classic rappers like ODB and Method Man.

If your favorite funny hip hop artist isn't included on the poll already, you can add them to the list. Just make sure whoever you add has funny lyrics that might include puns and wordplay.
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