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The Funniest Sesame Street Clips

Updated February 12, 2020 9.2k views11 items

The funniest Sesame Street clips not only provide lessons on colors, letters, people and the like, they expose youngsters to some of the greatest performers and funniest people of all time. From the wonderment of Elmo when he meets Robert DeNiro, one of the greatest actors of all time, to spoofs on the Old Spice guy to magic-loving Will Arnett dropping by, the puppets of Sesame Street know how to have a good time. 

One of the best PBS shows of all time (if not one of the best kids' shows ever), Sesame Street has something to offer to viewers of all ages, and these funny kids' show clips prove that. If you can't have a laugh with these great children's show characters, you may have funny issues.

Who are the funniest Sesame Street guest stars? What are the best episodes of Sesame Street? These clips will show you that Sesame street has some funny stuff for people of all ages, and you can always get a refresher course on your ABC's.

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    Martians and the Telephone

    Video: YouTube
    This is one of the old school skits which have long been passed over for more Elmo face time, but it is still funny, regardless of age. What is it with Martians? They travel millions of miles to another planet, and either don’t know what a simple communication device is, or they die out because they can’t handle a little bit of the sniffles. For such advanced species, they don’t exactly make a great first impression.
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    Elmo Meets Robert DeNiro

    Video: YouTube
    You can’t help but think back at all the ass kicking and expletive laced rants of Robert DeNiro’s career as he sits across from the little red monster, but the weirdest part comes at the end, where (spoiler alert!) the man who played Jake Lamotta whips out his Elmo impression.
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    Jim Carrey Has Happy Feet

    Video: YouTube
    This clip takes us back to a time when Jim was young and still had the energy to do all of his amazing physical comedy; long before he sank to the depths of acting with Tea Leoni or making a ‘Liar Liar’ ripoff. He does things with his leg that can normally only be achieved by removing bones, or stringing up a paraplegic like a marionette… but that would be wrong.
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    Grover the Waiter

    Video: YouTube
    This skit may be for little kids, but it’s still better quality than 99% of the stuff SNL has oozed out for over a decade. What we have here is the ever lovable Grover, and the constant downer/homage to white middle-aged blowhards everywhere, the customer. The moral of this skit is that a life spent in food service is a long hard road of never being able to please some people, no matter how hard you try, and they probably won’t leave a tip.