The Funniest Shows On TV Right Now

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Vote up the absolute funniest shows (whether or not they're straight comedies) that are currently airing new episodes.

What's your favorite TV show to turn on if you're looking for a laugh? We've decided a list of the funniest shows is needed, so have a look and judge which ones give you the best comic relief. Spread out between the top current best sitcoms, the animated series that keep us laughing, and those news-style, improv or sketch comedy series, these are the absolute funniest programs on television today.

Some of the funniest and best comedy shows currently on the air are new takes on the classic sitcom. The Goldbergs was funny enough to get its own spin-off series while other sitcoms like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Bob's Burgers enjoy strong followings and great ratings.

Aside from traditional sitcoms, there are many other funny shows on television today. Animated favorites remain among the funniest on TV such as The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, and Archer while news-style shows like The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight poke fun at recent events and do so hilariously. Let's not forget how funny other shows like Saturday Night Live are as well. There is little doubt that many of these choices will be remembered among the greatest TV shows of all time and the funniest series of the decade.

What's your go-to show for laughs? Vote for your must-see comedy shows below, and where your favorite funniest shows rank! Happy laughs, TV watchers!

Photo: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia / FXX