27 Images Hidden In Plain Sight That We Can't Unsee

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Sometimes people make logos or take photos that accidentally have another image right there. The subreddit r/silhouWHAT collects the best of these hidden gems. 


  • 1. Bleak Swing

    Bleak Swing
    Photo: u/genericreddituser13 / Reddit
  • 2. Cursed Bottled Water

    Cursed Bottled Water
    Photo: u/zschultz / Reddit
  • 3. Bleak Tink

    Bleak Tink
    Photo: u/Zacisreallycool / Reddit
  • 4. Hooded Justice

    Hooded Justice
    Photo: u/magicarnival / Reddit
  • 5. Haunted Perch

    Haunted Perch
    Photo: u/JimFancyPants / Reddit
  • 6. There Can Be Only One

    There Can Be Only One
    Photo: u/jalerre / Reddit