Total Nerd 22 Skyrim Mods That Will Make You Seriously Crack Up  

Justin Andress
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If one thing can interrupt the monotony of Skyrim's hundreds (and hundreds) of hours of gameplay, it's a funny Skyrim mod, guaranteed to add some laughs to your quest. Sometimes it feels like Sheogorath is the only one actually having a good time tromping through the Nords’ homeland. While there’s plenty of bloodlust, where are lulz when you're searching for Skyrim's Easter eggs? Fortunately, in the five years since the game’s release, modders have taken it upon themselves to dream up the best Skyrim mods, many of which are more for humor than help. 

Designed to elicit a good chuckle from players submerged in the hours-long adventure, these clever mods introduce elements ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog to Futurama to a game about slaying a time-traveling dragon. Gotta love a good crossover. The mods for Skyrim featured here rank among the funniest and most useful additions to the game, sure to spice up your next run-in with a flying, fire-breathing lizard.

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Every Crab Is Zoidberg

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Sheogorath’s Helpful Tips

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The Mod That Lets Bears Wail On The Lute

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Snap Into The Most Macho Dragon Of All Time

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