25 Snapchatters Who Turned Around a Boring Day at the Mall

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Do you see the humor in things that other people miss? Then this collection of Snapchat masterpieces will show you how you can channel that hilarity into real-life art. Or at least into laugh-out-loud funny Snapchats. Here we’ve gathered a collection of some of the best Snapchats sent while shopping, which should leave you full of fun ideas for the next time you and your pals hit up the mall. After all, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a picture with a hilarious caption is priceless.

You’ll see what we mean as you scroll through this collection of shopping Snaps, which reveal the inner thoughts of reluctant shoppers as they wait for their girlfriend to try on one last top. Whether they’ve been roped into a trip to the office supply store or have found themselves in the women’s fashion section with mom, this is one group of Snapchatters who totally turned around a boring day at the mall. So if you’re sick of flipping through magazines while your boyfriend tests out every last guitar in the music shop, this one's for you.

These Snaps show you how to utilize the powers of Snapchat to infuse a regular day with a little special fun. You'll develop a masterful eye for accidental puns, learn to turn a boring sign into a great joke, and find out how to spot a marketing fail a mile away. So fire up your phone and let the funny shopping Snapchats roll.  

  • 1. Questionable Marketing Strategy

    Questionable Marketing Strategy
    Photo: Pinterest
    25 votes
  • 2. The Best Bookstore Burn Ever

    The Best Bookstore Burn Ever
    Photo: Pinterest
    21 votes
  • 3. It's Been A Rough Year At Hogwarts

    It's Been A Rough Year At Hogwarts
    Photo: chknwing / Imgur
    20 votes
  • 4. Point Taken

    Point Taken
    Photo: A Redditor / Reddit
    27 votes
  • 5. Come Here Often?

    Come Here Often?
    Photo: Pinterest
    26 votes
  • 6. We Can Relate

    We Can Relate
    Photo: Pinterest
    18 votes