The Funniest SparkNotes Memes Only A True Lit Nerd Will Get

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The best literary memes combine classic literature with modern entertainment tropes. Take, for instance, those found on the Twitter and Instagram pages for SparkNotes - they mention Ernest Hemingway and Lady Macbeth as often as Kevin Malone and Tan France. If you've ever wondered how The Odyssey would play out in the 21st century or how Edgar Allan Poe might subtweet that raven, SparkNotes has you covered.

Anyone who read Shakespeare in high school probably referenced the internet's best literary study tool, and much like literature itself, SparkNotes has evolved with the times, making the classic novels only English nerds remember reading accessible with simple humor. The funniest literary memes only true bookworms will understand invites a community of readers to laugh about the authors who defined our understanding of contemporary works.