The Funniest Spider-Man Quips in Comics

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When Spider-Man first swung onto the comic book scene in 1962, he stood out not only because of his everyman sensibilities, and oddly piebald hair, but also because of his lightning fast sense of humor. We, the modern comic book audience, expect our super heroes to have a razor sharp wit, and a back pocket full of jokes to be had at their antagonist’s expense, but all of that started with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Think about it, if Spider-Man had never parkoured into our lives (or if he’d been a more reserved hero) Marvel movies wouldn’t be half as fun as they are, and we’d be stuck with summer blockbusters revolving around more grunts than puns. Put on your Spider-Man pajamas, hang upside down, and celebrate everyone’s favorite web head with our list of his best comebacks, jokes, and one-liners.

Spider-Man has been through an abundance of changes in the last six decades. He’s been a college student, a clone, he sold his soul, and he was Doc Ock for a little while. But throughout his myriad character beats, and lifestyle choices, he’s always been funny – maybe that’s why we identify with him so much. He’s never been the toughest hero, or the character with the coolest powers, but he’s always been the funniest, and that’s why we love him.

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