The Funniest Superhero Movies Ever Made

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Vote up the superhero movies that made you laugh the most, NOT including unintentionally funny or hilariously cringey films.

Comic book fans and film buffs, it's time to vote for the funniest superhero movies ever made! While the best superhero movies perfectly blend action, drama, and comedy, unintentionally funny superhero films, like Catwoman or Batman & Robin, are considered to be some of the worst superhero movies of all time. Featuring witty banter between characters, nerdy references, and even sexual innuendos, superhero movies are great choices for laugh out loud entertainment. What is the funniest superhero movie ever made? 

With Ryan Reynolds starring as the "Merc with a Mouth," Deadpool is not only a hilarious superhero movie, but also one of the funniest action comedies. Filled with vulgar humor, meta references, and many instances of "breaking the fourth wall," the R-rated superhero movie makes you laugh until it hurts. Other great superhero comedies include Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and Kick-Ass

Vote up the funniest superhero movies that made you laugh the most, and vote down the lame ones. Feel free to add any hilarious superhero comedies missing from the list.

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