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All Pokémon games present a magical world where monsters and humans live in harmony with one another. Sure, a terrorist organization may steal your closest companion, a ghost-type creature may lure in and kill your children, and a mythical creature may threaten to destroy civilization as you know it from time to time, but other than that, life is as sweet as a Rare Candy.

In this weird and wonderful Pokémon world, NPCs (non-player characters) are everywhere. There aren't any super annoying NPCs, but rather, there's the occasional strange NPC that says something unexpectedly hilarious. Is the humor intentional or just lost in translation? Honestly, it’s hard to tell. What's for certain is that funny Pokémon NPC quotes are one of the gifts that keep on giving in this beloved video game franchise. Vote up the craziest lines that non-playable people have said in Pokémon. 

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Swimmer Kylie Keeps Her Pokeballs In A Place You Don't Want To Know About

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Photo:  Nintendo

The Quote: “If I’m wearing a bikini...where do I put my Pokeballs? Teehee...woman’s secret!”

The Character: Swimmer Kylie

The Game: X/Y

This is a question that’s had Pokefans curious for years. In X/Y, Swimmer Kylie invites you to wildly speculate about the whereabouts of her Pokeballs on her body, in what can only be described as yet another attempt by the writers to really push the ‘child-friendly’ appeal of the games as far as it can go. As fans know from the anime, Pokeballs have the ability to become more travel-sized. There’s no reason why Kylie couldn’t secure her Pokeballs to a belt like many other trainers do, but the fact that she specifically adds, “It’s a woman’s secret,” instantly pulls fans away from the obvious answer and down into the gutter instead. 

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The Old Perverted Man Who Is Peeking Into Celedon City Gym

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Photo:  Nintendo

The Quote: “Heheh! This gym is great! It’s full of women!”

The Character: An old man peeking into an all-female gym

The Games: Red/Blue/Yellow

From Dragon Ball’s Master Roshi to Bleach’s Chizuru, the “perverted man” stereotype is strangely prevalent in anime, and most likely the reference point for the dialogue of this old man NPC. While the line itself is pretty chuckle-inducing, the funniest part is that, despite these games being played by kids and teens, someone at Game Freak thought this little slice of adult humor was perfectly acceptable.

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The Youngster Trainers Whose Love Of Shorts Knows No Bounds On The Road To Pewter City

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Photo:  Nintendo

The Quote: “Hi! I like shorts! They’re comfy and easy to wear!”

The Character: (First appearance) A Youngster trainer on Route 3 in the Kanto Region

The Game: All of them

The “technology/science guy” is a fan favorite of the recurring NPCs, but he isn’t the favorite. No, that illustrious title belongs to certain members of the Youngster class of trainers, who, for no discernible reason, just really love shorts. The line was first uttered by a Youngster in the original games prior to battling, and struck such a chord with fans that a variation of it has been included in every single game since then. One of the funniest callbacks has to be from the Youngster in Pokemon X/Y: “Whenever I’m feeling down after losing a battle, I just think, ‘At least I’ve still got my shorts!’”

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Psychic Robert Who Is A Big 'Dragon Ball Z' Fan In The Kalos Region

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Photo:  Nintendo

The Quote: “Wow. You and your Pokemon’s power levels are amazing! They’re over 9000 for sure!”

The Character: Psychic Robert on Route 10

The GamePokemon X/Y

This line is said by Psychic Robert after you defeat him in reference to the famous “over 9000” meme from the Dragon Ball Z dub. Kind of odd to put this in the mouth of a psychic, when you consider the reference’s origin is a martial arts-themed anime.

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