The 16 Funniest Video Game Deaths of All Time 

John Barryman
Updated October 12, 2018 234.9k views 16 items

Death is no laughing matter. Unless we're talking about the best video game deaths. In gaming, dying can be funny, provided things explode at the right time, women literally cause heart attacks and princesses get crushed by cows. From Red Dead Redemption's hang glider to the best fatalities in gaming, here are the greatest funny deaths in video game history... so far.

NOTE: these deaths are all caused by actual, intended gameplay and don't include cool tricks or possibilities in sandbox games (otherwise a GTA helicopter fall totally would've been in here).

So what are the funniest video game deaths of all time? Well, that depends on your interpretation of what funny is. Though these are pretty hilarious once you take a look at them.
Spider-Man 3 Game - Fire Escape
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Killer Instinct - B00bz
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Killer Instinct is an insanely fun fighting game that featured some of the most memorable characters in fighting game history. The game was one of those post-Mortal-Kombat games that tried hard to be gory and even included fatalities, but actually kind of pulled it off (Primal Rage, anyone?)

One of the memorable characters in this game was called B. Orchid. Ostensibly the protagonist in this game, her full name is Black Orchid, but they shortened it to B. for God only knows what reason. Probably so that the "B" could stand for "boobs."

Why? Well, her most popular fatality (for the uninitiated, a fatality is a "finishing move" that you do in fighting games when your opponent has already lost and is standing there like a shy dancer at a wedding who is blackout drunk waiting for you to kill them with one last move... with a unique combination of buttons you can pull off really cool finishing moves, or "fatalities") is the one shows in the video here. Basically, she flashes her boobs to the opponent until that opponent has a heart attack.

Apparently every single character in Killer Instinct is a virgin and has never seen a woman's breasts before (this was before the internet, you see.) They also have insanely weak hearts and need to eat better... which I guess explains why all of them are angry enough to want to fight all the time.

The boob-jiggle bounce at the end really doesn't help her gender, but hey, who's the target audience.

(Un?)fortunately, B. Orchid flashes her opponents away from the camera, which is probably a good thing. Because if she didn't then all of our hearts would explode. Talk about a heartbreaker, right? Amirite ladies? Really? Nobody? I'll be here all week, tip your Internet Service Provider.
Gears of War - It Keeps Jayuhmming! * :'( *
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During one of the more early fights in Gears of War that actually hammers in the idea that 'THIS IS NOT HALO, HIDE BEHIND EVERYTHING', the writers decided to make a character die just to alert you that a sniper is a-comin'.

Anthony Carmine follows you for a bit and then decides to get caught up on his awesome chainsaw gun and how it doesn't work that well at that second... and then hilarity ensues. Why? Once again, the hilarity of this moment is attributed to the comic timing of the death after the dialogue. It's all pacing, people... but why is it funny?

What makes this one of the funniest deaths in video game history is the fact that he sounds like an insolent child when he's delivering his lines. This actually might have been kind of a tragic death if it wasn't for the voice actor's decision to make the huge, burly, macho guy character sound like a kid whose brand new Super Soaker just broke on the way home.

Watch the video for a clip of the biggest wimp in Gears of War dying.
Space Quest 1 - Pretty Much Every Death
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Although a lot (most) of the Space Quest games feature some of the funniest deaths in gaming history, Space Quest 1 did it first. Space Quest 1 is a comedy game that came out in 1986 and featured a space janitor named Roger Wilco. His mission: truth, justice and really clean floors."

Roger Wilco would essentially Mr. Magoo himself through his adventures and end up saving the world, often without even trying to. Wilco is depicted as kind of a loser (because he's a janitorial technician) and often dies in ways that were obviously meant to be discovered. He dies so much in the game because the developers were trying to make you laugh.

Check out a montage of the funniest deaths from the first game, Space Quest 1.

BONUS: notice how some of the deaths are also funny because of that comedic timing element. The fact that this guy really can't catch a break is really hammered into the player by how many times, and in how many different ways, he dies throughout the game. Absolute comic/slapstick brilliance.