The 16 Funniest Video Game Deaths of All Time  

John Barryman
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Death is no laughing matter. Unless we're talking about the best video game deaths. In gaming, dying can be funny, provided things explode at the right time, women literally cause heart attacks and princesses get crushed by cows. From Red Dead Redemption's hang glider to the best fatalities in gaming, here are the greatest funny deaths in video game history... so far.

NOTE: these deaths are all caused by actual, intended gameplay and don't include cool tricks or possibilities in sandbox games (otherwise a GTA helicopter fall totally would've been in here).

So what are the funniest video game deaths of all time? Well, that depends on your interpretation of what funny is. Though these are pretty hilarious once you take a look at them.
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Mortal Kombat III - Rain's Brutal Animality
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Sega Rally Championship Game Over Yeah!
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The closest you come to a death in a 90s racing game is losing the game itself and then getting a game over screen. After you're out of lives either at the arcade (with the a-virgin's-novelty-bed-size racecars you could actually play from back in the day), you get the following screen.

It's not funny because anything ridiculous happens in the game or on the screen, but the fact that, in retrospect, someone (ostensibly in charge of the music in this game, and other games as well, somehow) went through enough trouble to not only write the jingle in this game over screen, but to have someone with actual soul in their voice come in and sing those words, in that order and that BOTH of these people were most likely grown men... THAT'S where the hilarity lies.

Click on this for the most inappropriately cheery game over screen ever. Eff this game. This is just plain insulting -- and therefore hilarious.
Resident Evil 2 - Death of Albert Wesker
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Albert Wesker is a complete and utter douchebag who wears sunglasses indoors, is behind some of the worst things that happen to humanity in the Resident Evil franchise and dresses like a lot of ravers did a little after The Matrix first came out.

So, needless to say, his death scene (and yes, he isn't all the way dead as he comes back in later games) comes at not only a great time (read: "any time"), but happens not only ironically, but amazingly. Much like a lot of these deaths, horrible, terrible, very bad voice acting contributes richly to the comedy of the scene.

When his creation comes out and kills him, the way he reacts, and the way he uses the old Resident Evil "I'm a LEGO on tether, so before I head in any direction I must turn that way" movement method to almost run away make this one of the funniest deaths in video games. Especially in the context of what a complete and utter dick this guy truly is.
Resident Evil 4 - Small Water Fish
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