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The 22 Greatest Wheel of Fortune FAILs Ever

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If you're a Wheel watcher, then you know that from time to time there are some really stupid answers on Wheel of Fortune. Sure, nerves can get the best of you when you're on TV, but "Cell Phone Charters"? "Eksclusive Nightclubs"? The funniest Wheel of Fortune FAILs are the answers that are genuinely dumb, not the brain farts or slips of the tongue that we see from nervous contestants. You can vote for what you believe to be the best Wheel of Fortune FAILs of all time, but honestly these videos are all really funny.

Some of the dumbest Wheel of Fortune answers come when the entire phrase is spelled out, and the contestant has to just read the answer out loud. Just ask Indiana University student Julian Batts, who in 2014 mispronounced the puzzle "Mythological Hero Achilles" by saying the warriors name as "A-Chill-is." The mistake ended up costing him a million dollars, in addition to his face being all over YouTube along with words like "idiot" and "dumb."   

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    When In Doubt, Try Repeating The Wrong Answer Twice

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    Mythological Hero Achilles

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    3x The Fail For This Man

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    Remember Sneaky, One Of The Seven Dwarves?

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