Hilarious Tweets That Will Make You Feel Better About 2017

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2017 felt like the year the world went up in flames, and not always in a metaphorical manner, either. Celebs fell from grace, 2017 slang got tired, and tons of celebs died in 2017. Because of all this terrible news, you probably need a pick-me-up, which is exactly these hilarious tweets from 2017 are for. Funny tweets that make you feel better about 2017 use a specific, all-encompassing humor to land their jokes; 2017 sucks, but at least you're not alone. With Twitter becoming a place where you receive news updates, your friends' updates, and the president's press releases, why not get your laughs from there too? The funniest tweets of 2017 possess a succinct sense of humor since they're limited to 140 characters 280 characters, so you only need to scroll lightly to experience four jokes on one stream.

The funny tweets from 2017 below got everyone through the first year of the Trump Administration, and will continue to delight as the world trudges on into 2018. Who knows what the future will bring, but hopefully less natural disasters and more net neutrality.

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    Suck On It


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    What A Good Dog


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    Perils Of Technology


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    Giving Good Service


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    A Visionary


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    Introducing Miss Britney Spirits


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