The Funniest 5K Team Names Ever

The 5k race. 5 Kilometers, which is a little over 3 miles for those of you that don't measure things in kilometers. This is the ultimate fun run. At least, it should be. It's not even close to a marathon, it's not even close to a half's just a little over 3 miles.

5k races really are all about having a good time. That's why they're so short. They don't take up much of your day at all, and you don't really have to train all that much to at least WALK a 5k. You can even dress up in a funny costume if you want! Nobody takes a 5k seriously because they are inherently not serious. They're "fun runs". For fun!

A lot of times you'll do a 5k race with a team, usually raising money for a charity of your choosing - and if that is the case you better find yourself a good name. And again, these races are 100% about fun so you should have a fun team name.

The following is a list of some funny 5k team name options for you to peruse before setting off on your next fun run. After all, what could make a fun run more fun than a fun pun run? Vote for your favorites! Rank Away! Run! Don't forget to breathe!
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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  • The Young and the Breathless
    41 votes

    The Young and the Breathless

  • Not Fast and Only Slightly Furious
    36 votes

    Not Fast and Only Slightly Furious

  • Cirque Du Sore Legs
    69 votes

    Cirque Du Sore Legs

  • Premature Acceleration
    26 votes

    Premature Acceleration

  • Kill-o-meters
    38 votes


  • Meet Up At Your Pace?
    16 votes

    Meet Up At Your Pace?