Hilarious Memes About Adulthood That Are Way Too Real

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One of the reasons the transition into adulthood feels so difficult lies in the fact that many people fail to realize others experience the same struggles. Thankfully, to put you and your anxious adult mind at ease, funny memes about adulthood exist to take some of the edge off in a way that a bubble bath or a hard scotch simply can't. Despite what your parents and fictional adults on TV might tell you, most adults still get lost in grocery stores and wait until their hamper is fit to explode before they consider a load of laundry.

Hilarious adulthood memes provide you with the adult education mom, dad, school, and society all kept hidden from you, leaving you unprepared for many grownup struggles. Instagram account _theblessedone boasts all sorts of grownup memes guaranteed to take your mind off of bills and your overflowing kitchen sink. So relatable that they hurt like the onset of arthritis, these jokes put the "me" in "meme."